Following religious rites a must ?

26 Aug
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When it comes to religion why are we children and youngsters forced to follow it ? We didn't have any option of choosing this religion, we were born in it but when can decide either to follow it or not. I am not saying that people should stop inculcating religious views and culture in their children. Give them knowledge but why do you have to force them to follow or abide by it ? If an individual is impressed by a particular religion, he will follow it. Isn't it an individual choice? Today my family members are fasting. I refused to fast. Why is my mother forcing me to do it. She is like I have to do it. She stopped saying me that when I told her that our religion does not forces anyone to follow it then why are you forcing. 

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  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Aug 27, 2017 11:21 AM

    Hey there! I hope you are doing well.

    It is true,specially in Indian context that most of the values or morals we embibe were in reality enforced on us by our elders.We,even after so much modernization have such a negligent amount of say in our behaviour and societal upbringing.We have been forced to obey elders even if they are wrong,pray to God,never argue back and a lot more likewise. This is sad part of the country.Nobody wants to change,we are so much fixated to our ideologies and there is much fear of religion in us that we think that if we change even for the sake of logic,something might go wtong.Another important reason is the societal pressure put on us.There must have been times when our parents or elders wanted to change,religiously,not follow superstitions but they were scared of being outgrouped or of societal judgements that they suppressed their rationale.This is the problem,also if we answer back,the entire blame is put on our modern education and our elders fear that we might convert in westerners,hardly knowing that it does not really matter as long as we are humane in nature. Sadly,preaching and superstition still haven't been differed in India and we are forced to do the stupidest of things for the sake of religion.

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