Family politics

27 Aug
Name Confidential

Hey, family is that which supports you and protects you. Family is that which is always there for you in your both ups and downs. In my family there is this one person who disturbs the family environment by playing family politics. She doesn't want me and my mother to grow as individuals. She will make stories to defame us and show her superiority. At times i feel she loves herself only and no one else not even her son. Why does she have to create disturbance in house ? Why is self-love so high? What pleasure does one get by defaming others for no reason ? 

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    APOORVA PANDEY   Aug 27, 2017 09:01 PM


    The first thing that you need to clear up in your head right away is that politics that power relations exist everywhere. Although family is considered one such institution where such politics shouldn't find any space, but sadly it does. SO no need to feel very surprised at this fact.

    As far as the women who is doing such things with you is concerened, see how important is she for you. I suggest it's better if you first speak to her and know her reasons for doing so. Since she is a family member, talhing it over with her is the first thing that I suggest you do.

    Try figuring out her motivations behind doing so. Also assess how important are these for you.If you know that you are right and that these are nothing but just rumours that shouln't really affect you. Cultivate better relations with other family members. Don't go about explaining your point to them but try gaining their trust. 

    See at the end of the day, the opinions of others lose their significance. So lomg as you are an individual who knows how to keep one's self confidence and self-esteem intact and be honest, no matter what the situation calls for, you are the winner.

     GOOD LUCK!!