How much time should I spend studying?

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  • Name Confidential
    Anonymous   Sep 11, 2017 12:46 AM

    You seem to have taken up a lot at once. It is neither easy nor beneficial to multitask. I would suggest that you focus on one thing at time. I see that you are very ambitious and motivated which is wonderful, but you also need some focus and direction.

    So first of all you need to decide what your aim is. You want to get into the best universities in the country, but some universities are better than others for particular courses. You need to decide which course you want to focus on, whether it is business management, mathematics, science, or any other field you prefer. If you don’t have a course in mind yet, you should try looking for the best liberal arts colleges which allow you to explore different subjects before you decide which subject you want to major in.

    Take a moment and stop to ask yourself why you are taking coaching classes for so many competitive exams. What is it that you really want to do? Which class is the most interesting for you? Try to focus on one class which interests you the most.

    Having a direction and focus will help you divide your time well. It will give you ample time for yourself to study on your own and to take a break.

    One way in which you can try to divide your day is by following the pomodoro technique! It is something that I have personally been trying to use. Honestly, it will take a while to get used to but it is scientifically proven to improve your efficiency. In short, the pomodoro technique helps to divide your day into different sessions of around 25 minutes and each session is followed by a 5 minute break. You can find the detailed explanation on how the pomodoro technique works here.

  • Name Confidential
    Anonymous   Aug 29, 2017 10:14 PM

    Hey, I hope you are good. I agree with you at this point that there are some who study for long hours and don't score good marks and there are some who study for few hours and score very well. There is no fixed timing in general for studying. It varies from individual to individual. Some people have strong catching capacity, concentration and memory. These people will score good even if they study for less hours. There are people who are just the opposite, get distracted very easily and forgets fast. Thus these people have a tough time in scoring good even after studying for the entire. Everyone's studying speed is different. So, you have to understand yourself that how much time you require to study effectively. If you study fast and with concentration, you will finish your studies within few hours. If you take more time to learn and get distracted easily, you will need to study for longer hours. And most importantly it does not matter for how long you study. What matters is how well you study. Quality over quantity. Whatever you learn, learn it properly with understanding. Your learning should be strong no matter how much time you take. 

  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Aug 29, 2017 05:50 PM

    Hey there. Studying is a concern for each one of us. It further leads to comparison as to how much you study in comparison to those who score who are the high scores in your class. 

    But yes, coming to your query. It all depends upon your capability to learn stuff. The toppers who come into news and other media have put forth this point that it is the quality of study you do instead of quantity. Those people who study at the last moment and score good marks would be those people who have a good grasping power of everything they go through. I doubt how fruitful it is, though because at the last moment you tend to miss certain topics. Perhaps their luck also works, you can say!

    But I would, through my own experience suggest you to be consistent in studying. In the sense, try to revise whatever has been covered on the very same day. Don't leave it for some internal or examination. This can later create pressure for you.

    See, it is up to you how you should study. Recognise your memorisation skills, grasping power, after which you should think of devicing your ideal pattern of study. Recognise your skills and plan accordingly. Hope this helps.




  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 28, 2017 08:11 PM


       Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your concern.  First of all, I make you clear that, scoring good marks is not about the quantity of time you study but it’s about the quality of your education and How effectively you utilize your time?. I can hereby suggest you something helpful,

    1. Prepare the priority scheduling for your subjects. Spend your time with subjects which is too important to score good grade and also which is helpful for your life. Like, if it is school you should study main subjects like Mathematics, science etc. But when it comes in college you should prepare well for your core subjects which is also helpful for your future career.
    2. Study effectively. Concentrate and be focused while you were studying. Sit in a calm and silent place and be focused. You can have some yoga and meditations before you sit to study which helps you to concentrate more on your studies.
    3. Have some rest while studying which brings you more energy to study some new concepts. Even if you study for half an hour you should study effectively , focused and usefully.


    Hope it helps you!!!

    Take Care :)

  • Name Confidential
    Anonymous   Aug 28, 2017 01:48 PM

    Hey there!

    Lets just clear this fact that studying for longer duration of hours doesn't guarantee effective learning. Our focus should not be to study for longer time but with more focus. 

    Few people grab on to things better than others. They learn things quickly, they have better concentration and can recall better. This all comes with practice. 

    For effective studying, you need to stop getting distracted. We are in the habit of checking our phones while studying, we check messages and other social media apss, this needs to stop because unknowingly these things go on the back of your mind which degrade your congnitive thinking. 

    Sometimes we study and then rest by watching TV. This is not helpful. It's advices to sleep than watch TV for better memory retention. 

    We force ourselves into studying even when we are tired. The kind of learning that takes place is almost null at these situation. Don't study when you are not ready. 

    Your purpose of opening a book should be to learn and not to sit on a chair looking at pages for longer hours. 

    APOORVA PANDEY   Aug 27, 2017 07:34 PM


    First of all studying is one such thing that cannot be and should not be quantified. There is no clear cut formula that says that if you study for these many hours, you will score good marks. So the first thing that we must all learn is that sitting on the desk for more hours doesn't really matter, what you do and how you study is what matters. This is one notion that has to be deconstructed.

    It is important that while studying we rely more on smart work rather than hard work. If you are studying for a particular exam, seeing the previous year question papers tells you the pattern of questions that are asked. You can then plan and study accordingly. Try understanding the concepts before you actually you actually spend your energies in learnong them up. It eases up half of your work load. One other effective way to study is to make notes. Studying from multiple books becomes quite difficult when exams are on head. If you have one notebook where you have compiled all your notes beforehand, it becomes much easier to study rather than doing sp from many books at the same time. Also,don't study everything at the last moment. The quality of what you study is severly compromised if you do so. Try studying things beforehand. Ideally the last day should be solely dedicated to revision.

    Once you start focusing on quality and not on quantity , you will start scoring well.


    Hope this helps.