What causes people to follow someone even when they realize that the ones they follow at the wrong end?

27 Aug

In the wake of the incidents taking place in our country right now where the leader of one particular sect has been convicted by the court of certain charges, it was quite surprising for me to see how people can blindly follow those whom they know are the wrong end? What causes such strong tendency among people that pushes them to become unruly for an individual who has been convicted of serious charges. What is the psychology behind such a tendency being shown by people? Why is it so that in such cases our sense of judgement and discretion betrays us and we act in such ways that causes harm to others ?

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  • Aishwarya K
    Aishwarya K   Aug 28, 2017 01:29 AM


    I guess those people who blindly follow others are not very opinionated themselves or may lack knowledge on certain issues, therefore they resort to listening and following what others have to say in that subject matter. Nonetheless, they should try to research or gain different opinions or facts on that issue before simply agreeing with what others have to say.

    Apart from that, the fact that these leaders have several different followers, gives them credibility, because if so many people are following them, then they must be saying something right? These leaders have a way of speaking which is very persuasive and influential. Very few people possess the quality to influence others and unfortunately most people are capable of misusing this quality to their advantage. With power and influence comes a lot of responsibility but many people choose to ignore their responsibilities and misuse their powers.

    Yet, people keep following these influential leaders and turn a blind-eye to their mistakes. I believe that they don’t feel guilty because they don’t feel directly or even indirectly responsible for the issues faced by the rest of the world. They feel content in the small world that they have created for themselves. So in order to promote more responsibility among these people, we need to make them realize that supporting negative influencers is the same thing as supporting negativity in the world and creating issues for other people.