Correct Age to Date

28 Aug
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Hi guys,

So I want to know, we often hear about people saying that "it's too young to date" or "they're not old enough to date" but I've never heard anyone talking about it the other way around. Is there maybe an age that you should start dating at? I'm not phrasing this question correctly, but let me give you an example. I'm someone who hasn't dated anyone yet and I'm 20 (which isn't a big deal, I know) but I sometimes feel like having had relationships before, maybe early as a teen, would've helped teach me about the kinds of things that would have helped develop mature relationships late in life. So are there advantages to dating young as well, what are they?

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  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Sep 16, 2017 09:22 PM

    Hey there! I hope you're doing well.

    It is nice to see that you have reached such a meaningful question which is tabooed so badly. I believe that definitely there is a minimum age to involve yourself into relationships auditing which is nothing less than entering teenage. These days kids in 6th or 7th grade dating each other and calling it true love so that is kind of funny and needs to be avoided. I believe through personal experience that it is important to expose yourself to all these things and act immature and fall and learn from your mistakes and then rise since doing mistakes at an early age make you more mature at the right time and makes it more focused. However none of this can be done without help from seniors our elders because we always need a guidance towards the right direction and when we fall ourselves we must have the ability and motivation to rise and move in the right direction and not get worsened. We must date once in a teenager during school days since that is the safe environment we have and if we fall down in that is there are so many people around us who will pick us up but when we do not involve Aircel sim these things then we fall during college days or later in life where we hardly have anybody around us to help us.

  • Name Confidential
    Anonymous   Aug 29, 2017 01:07 PM


    After being in a relationship I would say one not to be in a relationship at a very young age like around 12-15 years because most of us aren't mature enough at that time and the relationship we go into is more like a kiddish one with no true meaning. This definitely varies from individual to infividual. But the mass at that age is not mature. You can't handle the relationship maturely, can't properly understand your partner and you end up breaking the relationship in a bad way. You get hurt at this age more and it is not that easy to overcome it like matured people.  At this age its more of infatuation.Some people get carried away so much that the other person becomes their entire life and ultimately they ruin their career and relations with others. Yes definitely there are positive side of dating at a young age too. You get over breakups as you grow, you become strong. You get know yourself more, what do you want when you are in a relationship, what kind of person you will be comfortable with, etc. The more you get experience, the better your relationship becomes when you finally settle down with someone. You learn from your experiences so in a way you become more mature and capable of handling issues. 

  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Aug 28, 2017 10:15 PM

    Hey there. Quite an interesting point and something which I also ponder upon. There is no specific age in which it is said that yes, now you can date. We have been advised by our parents and other elders around us that such things are good only after a certain age. That 'certain age' refers to the age in which after working hard in studies and getting a decent job. When I think over this point, it is right in two things:

    1) Children indulge into relationships mostly during teenage. When their hormones are in full swing and as they see others around them treating relationship as something without which you cannot imagine a life. I believe it is the age where in you have just begun to perceive the actual world. And teens engage into relationships because of the shallow knowledge.

    2) After 20s, you generally have that much of intellect to realise which relationship is right for you. Also you have a career for yourself in that ways you do not have that pressure of being settled in life. So you can think of getting into a relationship.

    Coming to your question of advantages of an early relationship. I do not see much of an advantage in it. But I think, it can be that

    1) You understand what kind of expectations you should have from a relationship.

    2) What kind of people indulge into a relationship? And also, how are relationships developed.

    3) It can also help in the development of resilience in terms of dealing with breakup, if it happens.

    Hope this answers your question.