PMSing and emotions

28 Aug
Minaish Dhabhar

Hi guys,

So we've all heard someone blame a woman's crankiness or emotions on "PMS". I'm not going to talk about why it's wrong to jump to this conclusion all the time, but I do want to know why exactly PMSing does make us grumpy, emotional, etc.? I know it's due to hormonal levels, but what in specific? Which hormones? What do the levels change to? What do these hormons control? I just kind of want to know the workings of this.

This is a more biological question as well, but I'd appreciate any knowledge on the matter. 

Thank you.

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  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Aug 29, 2017 06:24 PM

    Hey there!

    I hope you are doing well.

    I agree that there are so many times when a girl's behaviour is strictly labelled as one during pms-ing,even if she is not. It can get really annoying at times.However,there is a biological process that makes us so emotional and dramatic. There is little evidence to how and why pms occurs but most of our emotional swing occurs due to rise and fall of hormones,especially estrogen. These hormonal peaks and valleys are thought to be the reason for our mood swings.Also,stressful situations do not lead to pms but can worsen it. Reduced levels of estrogen can cause to drop level of serotonin which can lead to feelings of depression. 

    Also,there is little scientific evidence to support these things and a lot of research is being conducted in this field. It does not necessarily lead to one side of emotions like sadness or grief but also keeps the person shift to short feelings of elevation or happiness. But the problem is the sudden swing of emotions and over-negative review of things in general. More research should be done on it since it is important to know how and what is going inside our body.

    I hope this helps!