What is Love?

29 Aug
Name Confidential

Hello everyone!!!.I really need some solution for my confusion. I am studying pre-final year, and in my college I have a crush on a boy who was studying final year. I cleary don't know what it is Crush/infactuation/love?. Whenever I just cross him or see him I will just keep smiling and will feel happy inside. He also sees me and will not smile and I can recognize some happy change in his face for sometime. When he fails to respond me I feel really sad and confused why he is doing this me? What happenes? Is anything wrong happens? And, Everyday  I just need to see him but I have ever never talked with him and he too. If one day I have missed to see him in my college. Then, it was the bad day, I feel really frustrated with everyone and everything. Later, I would realize that, “Oh!!! I missed to see him today”. So, I will do something to just see him. And I keenly tell you that, I have ever never talked with him, I know only his name and no other information. But whenever I see him, I feel happy inside.I don’t need him to talk with me or love me. I just need him to see me, and myself to see him. 

What is happeneing in my life? and what it means?

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  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Sep 01, 2017 06:13 PM

    Hey there,I hope you are doing well.

    It is a really nice feeling to get attracted to someone specially during college days. It is pretty soon to judge you whether you are in love or not but I would like to suggest that there are times when we do not know people and just merely seeing them makes us so happy that we become habituated of them and then when they suddenly disappear for a while,we get anxious as if we have a right over them and we should've known. However,it is nice to know that you have noticed clues from his side like he has been smiling back at you but I would clearly like to tell you that it is not love.Love is a very intense emotion to fit to your situation and also to the fact that how things are going about.He responds back maybe because he gets motivated on seeing you smile towards him or perhaps he thinks casually and smiles back as a greeting. We cannot really say and also you do not even know any of his details so it is pretty early to call it love. At this age,we feel attracted towards opposite gender and it is nice to have their presence around so we feel that it is love but it can be clearly labelled as infactuation.

  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Aug 30, 2017 08:24 AM


    I can understand your dilemma. Such feelings are actually very confusing but I believe that it is a crush you have on that guy. And yeah, it is normal in this age. But I would suggest you that it should not let you hinder from your other priorities in life such as studies and your career. You need to decide where you want to take this through.

    And of course, you can befriend and have normal conversations with that guy so that you can understand what is the feeling you are having, as mentioned in a previous answer. But act slow and steady. Do not take any decision in a hurry.

    Such feelings do not last for life as it is an infatuation you have on that guy. And love does not involve sudden rush of feelings. It happens on a gradual scale and lasts long. Till then, live with it but ensure that you are not harming yourself because of it. Hope this helps.



  • Name Confidential
    Anonymous   Aug 30, 2017 08:07 AM

    Hi there! 

    This confusion really is the worst one. You can never know which one it is. Sometimes we think we are in love only to realise later that we aren't. Sometimes we think it means nothing but with time you realise it has always been love. 

    There is not a better judge than you yourself to come out of this confusion. You need to ask yourself how strongly and intensely you are feeling about this person. 

    Like you said, you haven't even talked to him. You have only seen him. Maybe it's just infatuation at this point of time, it might turn into love later. You need to give it more time and start talking the the guy so you get clarity and an insight to what you are feeling. You will know better about what you want and how you feel. Besides once you start talking to the guy, he will share his viewpoints and there will be mutual decision to this confusion.