Why was the system of Sati prevalent during the early times?

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  • Upasana Sengupta
    Upasana Sengupta   Sep 08, 2017 11:45 AM

    Hey there! I am really glad that there are people who actively think about such social evils. 

    Well, a short history first, Sati pratha was named after Goddess Sati who jumped into the holy pyre for her husband. It is considered to be the most noble and pious deed. But as we know, we tend to take the negative morals always. Instead of taking lessons of love and loyalty of a wife towards her husband, we chose to take suicide as the "noble" deed.

    In ancient India, polygamy was a prevalent practice. Moreover, rich landlords aging upto 65-70 years, would marry young girls of 10-11 or further less. Sati was practiced, only on the last wife of the deceased. The others would be named his widows. Due to some hidden, "noble" logic, the death of the husband is due to the fate brought by the newly wed bride (age never taken in consideration), and thus, the body, is burnt along with its reason of death. Also, women were just considered mere dolls adored by their fathers first then bought by their husbands. Without the males, they are vulnerable and cannot survive on their own. The older ones were supposed to take care of the children and lead an unquestionable  life of sorrow and misery. 

    There is no answer to 'why'. May be the people were such insensitive and ruthless. Or maybe it was the better alternative to a widow's life, we will never know. The important thing is to remember what was our history and keeping a check on today's society that have we actually evolved towards the saner, more humanitarian route or not.

    Thanks for bringing out such a topic.

  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Sep 03, 2017 12:15 AM


    Hope you doing well. Sati means virtuous woman. Sati system was started because mughal rulers invaded our various regions and wanted to capture the ladies as make them as slaves, so to protect themselves they jumped into the burning pyre of their husband's corpse. Only the pregnant women were relieved from this system, so that they can continue to have a royal family. But later this act of protecting women gained a negative light and women were forced to take this inhumane step. Women were considered inferior and were not allowed to re marry. Society didn't accpt widows and ultimately they have to jump in the pyre. Women were not allowed to live their lives with another men or alone after the death of their husbands, which shows that society considered women as second and indferior sex.

  • Name Confidential
    Anonymous   Sep 01, 2017 11:19 PM


    I hope you are doing well. Sati was not just to kill women when their husband's died. Sati was started to protect women. Yes, you won't believe this but this is true. Long back during the times of king rule in India, India was attacked by many invaders. Most of them wanted to rule over the entire nation by capturing areas line by line. So whenever there was a war and the ruler of the attacked province thought that he had high chances of getting defeated, the queens and princesses used to kill themselves by jumping into fire so that the invader does not forcefully take them along and kerp them as slaves. Only kids and pregnant ladies were sent to a safe place so that the royal family doez not get destroyed totally. So in this way it was a practice to protect women from invaders who would kerp them as slaves. Later with the passage of time it did become a negative practice. 

  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 30, 2017 08:15 PM


          Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your concern. In ancient times, women were so restricted with many things. Like, they should wake up at early morning before the sun rises, and should never step ahead after the sun set. And always should respect the elders, especially men who is elder or younger. They should close their face when they stand before any man and always should drop their heads down. There were also many other restrictions and rules to be followed by every women. One of the vigorous rule is sati.

             Women should burn herself alive after her husband death. And my point of view is, may be the ancient people might think that, Women is always dependent in man so she can’t survive after his death. Also, she feel so lonely and scared if there is no strong man to be stand for her. And the LOVE, that women can’t imagine her life after her husband death and as a widow. Also, the society will never accept her as a widow. Nowadays, women have the rights to have another marriage after her husband’s death. This shows that women has equal rights as man have nowadays.

    Hope it helps you!!!

    Take Care :)

  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Aug 30, 2017 05:25 PM

    Hello! I think the practice of Sati comes from the patriarchal notions of the society wherein women were treated as merely slaves for her household. And let us see, what this practice is about. Women burn themselves with the fire with which her husband's corpse is burnt.

    I believe this comes from the fact that women cannot imagine life without their husband. This is why no matter how much her husband beats her, abuses her she does not resist. Also the fact that women in those days were not accepted by people around her after she became a widow. And that time there was no concept of re-marriage. So Sati can be said as a medium with which a widow can save herself from embarrassment. This should not be the case,though.

    It is sad that no one objected to it as it was a loss of another life as well. 

    This shows how women need to stand up for their rights and their due respect in the society.