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02 Sep
Ayushi Jolly

Hello everyone!

I recently visited a state mental hospital.I always thought that it was healthy to send someone mentally disturbed to the mental sylum for help but it is so sad to see the state of affairs there and how the doctors do not even listen to the patients and they are so engrossed in their professionalism. Why is it that we always restrict ourselves to the societal standards and norms ,even after knowing that they are of no good use.The doctors do not care a least for the patients and are just there to earn oney.LIttle do they realize that the patients are there to improve and instead the environment worsens their ability and it felt so bad in seeing how the staff was also treating everybody. What can be the reason behind such treatment and also how do we combat such behaviour?

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  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Sep 02, 2017 08:03 PM

    Hey there. Hope you are doing well. I can understand your situation and to be honest, I felt so bad about the way patients are treated in mental asylums. Things need to improve and change for the better. I think the doctor's present in such asylums have not get rid of the stigmas associated with patients dealing with some mental problem. I have seen on television as well, as to how mental patients are kept in such a secluded environment. But they need extra amount of support, love and care from the doctors. This can be on reason due to which the patients in these asylums are not treated well.

    Another reason can be as mentioned in the previous answer that the doctors have become so tired of dealing with patients having mental problems that after a certain point they do not feel comapssionate for their condition. 


  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Sep 02, 2017 03:34 PM


    Hope you doing well. I can understand your concern. In today's scenario, treating people is a profession and not a service. Doctors are now losing empathy and becoming excessively professional. And the same goes with menatl patients, doctors treat them in inhumane way, instead of knowing that they require love and care, they work in an utmost professional way and fail to provide care and assisstance. Being a part of society, doctors also become a part of stereotype which is being insensitive towards mental patients. Another reason can be that doctors work so long with mental patients that they become insensitive towards patients naturally.

    There should be mental health counsellors and psychologists in every asylum, so that the treatment can get a new face and patients can get some love and care. There should be workshops for doctors, so that they can learn new ways for treating patients with love and care.

    Hope this will help.

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