India vs. the US

03 Sep
Ayushi Jolly

Hello everyone!

We all have at least once,or more than that come across the fact through books or observation that some countries have more mental diseases prevalent than other countries. To say, the United states has more rates of depression,post-traumatic stress disorder,anxiety issues,stress and other common disorders  than India.This has not been prevelant since this century or anytime soon, but has been observed since ages and ages ago. Besides,the cultural disparity,are there any other factors that contribute to this prevalence disparity? What can be the contributory factors to such a different rate when we all are living in the same world and competing for the same international level?

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  • Upasana Sengupta
    Upasana Sengupta   Sep 07, 2017 12:08 PM

    Hey Ayushi!

    It is truly significant that the population in the developed countries face stress and anxiety disorders more evidently than the developing countries. 

    One of the prominent factors is the varied lifestyle. The schedule of any individual in USA (for instance) is decorated with gadgets and unhealthy food habits. They are so busy in their career and social life that family time takes a back seat. This is vastly different in India. Here, howmuchever, urban you get, most of them, prefer one meal of the day with their family. A hectic week or weeks is preferably followed by a weekend getaway. 

    We need to note that depression or anxiety are all brain related disorders. The census shows a significant decrease in such levels in joint families and during festivals. Though joint family is a lost culture nowadays but the family get-together during festivals boosts up the happy juices inside us. Human beings are social beings and we love, infact, need social gatherings to gear us up for a few more months. Gifts, decoration, outings, merriment and loads of laughter and gossip, this feeling of togetherness is what keeps us mentally happy and healthy.  

    Even in the USA, Christmas marks a steep decrease in depression levels.

    We should all support and conserve our rituals because this is what will keep us surviving in the long run. 

  • Name Confidential
    Anonymous   Sep 05, 2017 09:15 AM

    Hi there! 

    This is a very subjective question.  

    I belive it matters whether the country is developing or developed. A country that is developed hasn't more technology related gadgets, they depend more on it. There is a machine for everything. This not only hampers physical exercise but also makes the mind lazy and out of practice of daily congnitive processes. These gadgets can also cause more tension and pressure to people to compete as a result of which they get stressed out easily. There are so many things to look after abroad, one has to follow every social protocol, its not casual like India. Maybe the strict discipline makes it tough for some people to adapt. Also all these developed countries are very individualistic. There are very few people to understand the problems of others or to listen to them. In India, we have a collectivistic culture which provides support and care and love to the person who is in distress. We might not realise but this sense of belongingness actually helps a lot of people and coping up with problems.