21 Apr
Kartik kumar

Lately I've been reading things on internet about all types of sicknesses and diseases. I also start to feel like I'm the one of them,who has these diseases. Why does anxiety make me feel this way? I've also been feeling like I'm dying soon. Anxiety is such a pain in the butt!

Help me to get over it!!

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  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Apr 22, 2018 10:47 PM

    Hey there! I hope you are doing well.  I personally believe that this is very true because I would like to say this instance with you that when I took up psychology as a profession and when I was introduced to be his disorders and clinically inappropriate behaviour so are used to go up to my teacher every day telling that I think I have the disorder that you just taught in the class and is used to make so much fun of me there because he realise that this is very normal and every second person studying or coming across any disorder feels that this is something wrong with me but then I would really want you to chitthi because there are certain guidelines laid for every disorder and the fact that there is the time period that you must be indulged in inappropriate behaviour to fall into the category of any disorder and it is absolutely normal if you feel that there is something wrong with you it is better to just help yourself right  there and improve yourself before anything goes wrong or out of hand .

  • Vibha Gangal
    Vibha Gangal   Apr 21, 2018 11:14 PM

    The first and foremost thing that you need to do is take a deep breath everytime you feel you're getting anxious.

    Besides this, here are some steps that you may follow to overcome your condition-

    1) Take deep breaths, sleep well and keep active

    2) Stay connected to others and use encouraging phrases to challenge your negative and anxious thoughts

    3) Avoid caffeine, mind altering substances and do things you enjoy.

    4) Take quick breaks, read and devise at least two plans to handle a stuation

    5) Accept your anxiety and seek a therapist, also indulge in calming activities like meditation etc.

    Good luck :)

  • Mohak Bhatia
    Mohak Bhatia   Apr 21, 2018 08:29 PM


    This is a really common phenonmenon. When people read about certain illnesses, be it physical or even mental, they start to identify with the symptoms. This is because the symptoms are not very different from what people experience more or less on a daily basis. But you need to understand that the people who're actually suffering from such diseases experiences the symptoms on extreme levels. 

    A little anxiety is normal, I feel. If you think you're able to identify with the symptoms of a particular illnesses on an extreme level, you should get yourself checked just to make sure that you don't actually have it. 

    In order to control your anxiety, I would suggest you should practise some meditation. It helps alot. It makes your mind calm and peaceful. If it still doesn't get better, you should book an appointment and consult a psychologist. 

    Hope this helps! :)