happy holi

Holi is the festival of colours, it makes the earth look like a rainbow. We love spraying colours on each other. but have you ever thought that it could be healthy too!

1. colours bring vitality to a healthy life. Colours have significant effect on the emotionality of a person, and influences his behavioural responses. 

2. Bright colours are a source of cheering catalysts for the brain.

3. Food is another major thing during Holi. Sweets are usually consumed in large numbers. Probably that is the reason why people look so happy. Happiness or enhancement of mood is caused by consumption of good carbs, hence we serve sweet before a person is going for some important work. It helps the person be in good mood, and relaxed.

4. colourful fruits are exchanged in baskets as gifts during Holi. more colours, more health. each coloured food has especial nutrients. Red fruits are rich in antioxidants. The compounds that give orange and yellow fruits and vegetables their color are called carotenoids, which help improve immune system. White fruits and vegetables are full of Vitamin C, and it goes on.


5. also playing with colours means a lot of running, rushing, falling, jumping etc. hence a lot of activities. so a lot of exercise, which helps in keeping the body and mind in good shape.