'Hanuman' from Ramayana is the omnipotent son of the wind God Vayu, and we observe him to be ardent follower of Rama and the protector of Sita in all aspects.

He was blessed with the magnificent gifts from all the Gods in Heaven, however, unfortunately he suffered a curse from the sages for playing prank as a child. they knew that Hanuman was gifted, and could not be harmed physically by anyone living or dead, hence they cursed with a mental incongruity and that is that he would never be aware of his own talents, unless and until he would be reminded of them by someone. there is a saying, that Hanuman often tended to be forgetful.

Forgetfulness was a part of his sub conscious self, which has not come into much focus in the epic, his prowess has been glorified, his miraculous acts (beyond science) has been portrayed as his greatness, but his mental lack remained unspoken.

Could Hanuman's forgetfulness be the symptom of what we call Alzheimer's today?

Why was the human error not addressed? why is there not much mention of this issue causing problem in his warfare or daily life activities?

Was the society stigmatized towards Hanuman too?

Did it feel that mentioning His forgetfulness would mean tarnishing his greatness?

Why? Great minds cannot have mental issues?