Foster Homes In America.

03 May
Oyindrila Basu

foster homes

Foster homes is a general term in America and certain other countries. The Government of USA have special policies for kids- if there is a complaint that a child is getting scolded or shouted at; if a child meets with an accident; if a child is heard crying beyond control; if a child is getting insufficient materials, the Government considers it negligence on the part of the parents and takes the child away to be delivered to foster care services.

genuine issues of child abuse and violence cannot be neglected, I agree. But may a times, strict implementation of laws leads to mishaps. For e.g. a few weeks back, a child crawled out of his stroller and had a minor injury. It was an accident and the concerned parents took the child immediately to the hospital, however, legal system snatched the child away from his family and delivered him to the foster home. Children are naive and innocent; they do not understand legal complications; they do not know Government; many kids are getting alienated from their families because of US law; this is leading to life long separation and trauma for the kid. if parents are poor, doesn't necessarily mean that they do not love their children and when the child is being separated from home without consent, they are being subjected to long term lack of confidence in voicing their opinion. mental wellness is just shattering in the process. A child is suffering from identity disapproval and existential crisis throughout his/her life.

also the legal procedure that makes a child visit courtrooms is confusing and disillusioning. when a child is told that from tomorrow you will go to a new home, to new people we just cannot imagine what the child goes through mental seeing his weeping parents for the last time. Phobia, anxiety, depression everything comes together.

Should parenting depend on Government laws? Can any law define a parent's love for their kid? Can any foster home give better care than parents?

Is foster home policy actually serving in child welfare or is it putting a child into lifelong trauma and depression?

what is your opinion?

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  • Vibha Gangal
    Vibha Gangal   May 23, 2018 12:19 AM

    To be honest, I had no clue about this and I am absolutely stunned to know of something like this happening in a country we consider to be developed. I guess these nincompoops lack the basic understanding of how to parent a child. 

    If a child never learns to fall, (s)he shall never learn to rise and will always depend on others, they are creating nothing but a set of handicapped generation that relies on others for basic survival.

    If at all a law has to be implemented then it should be only after proper investigation, child abuse and negligence are definitely different from minor parenting mistakes, obviously they are learning too as parents.