Often we have heard our elders say that "believe in religion, involve in religion, and you will get peace", is that true? however, I have never felt that a religious text can resolve problems or anxiety within a person, in fact, it confuses you further.

any literature makes a person wise and more analytic towards life and issues. the more we read religious literatures like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Bible and their various interpretations, we come to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of things. sometimes we face some truths which were unknown and very much different from our concept of that thing. religion is different from cultural practices and texts and their different interpretations reaffirm that.

so can religious texts help in gaining peace of mind? what is this peace of mind? is this more knowledge or turning your face away from knowledge to keep believing in what you want to believe? why turning away from religion makes a person anxious?