Chetan Bhagat's message for Indian women really portrays him as a sensitive and concerned human being.

19 May
Oyindrila Basu

People often crack jokes and trolls over the bestseller writer Chetan Bhagat and calls his creations 'bullshit', when they themselves cannot pen down a single line.

However, the concern and respect that he has shown towards Indian women is remarble. Mental health is an important criterion for discussion and Chetan Bhagat truly identifies it. He breaks all stigma on women's mental health in India and goes on to speak openly about stress causing factors for women in India. It is amazing that Indian women are the most stressed individuals. He also gives a few pieces of advices that can be life-changing. Let us find out more from the link below-

So to what extent do you all agree with him?

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  • Oyindrila Basu
    Oyindrila Basu   Sep 04, 2016 09:22 PM

    Pursuing education is a personal choice.. Was well told in the film 'Ki and Ka', by Arjun Kapoor, "I pursued MBA because I did not want to reject it without knowing the pros and cons fully", may be Chetan Bhagat had the same notion, and when he was an IITan, we should definitely respect his merit, for everyone doesn't have the caliber to qualify for it...

    Secondly, with due respect to your opinion, I would like to add that the article is about more mental stress issues with women in India; and the reasons he has proclaimed are very real and very practical; his words can go against Indian culture and values, however, Indian society is also against speaking up of mental health issues! Being humble is something else and constantly trying to accommodate with relatives, in-laws, husband, family, society, workplace etc. etc. is something else. Showing acceptance, care and concern is not a one-way traffic... I believe, that one should be what he/she is. If your family doesn't like you for no reason, should you keep stressing yourself to find out ways and means to earn their favour? (all that effort doesn't gain anything extra at the end of the day) except for additional stress, anxiety and gradual depression (because you are not able to solve the problem, as you do not have any control on what others will tell or feel). Respect towards elders is also not something automatic, it needs to be earned by them.... People can pretend to respect for a few days, not for the entire life, if that doesn't come from within.

  • Shiva Raman Pandey
    Shiva Raman Pandey   Sep 04, 2016 08:24 PM

    I just read the article you have mentioned. I have read few books of Chetan Bhagat, but I am not an expert on him. I am not sure about what jokes you are referring to, but one thing that I have read somewhere and I also agree is that - If you wanted to become an author there was no need for you to waste so much of Govt and your money on your IIT and IIM education. Some other deserving students could have used it for their career.

    Now coming to this article- I liked the last point, that is generic and applicable everywhere, don't compare, don't expect to top, less expectation, less stress. My Indian cultured mind is not able to accept his first suggestion. He says -If your mother-in-law/mother/husband/father, anyone is unhappy with you, it is their problem and not yours. As per my value system it goes against the basic humbleness, respect to elder and our culture. My personal view and $0.2

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