Udta Punjab

The Bombay High Court has passed Udta Punjab with flying colours. It is going to be released on the presumed date itself.

Last week the court told defence lawyers the film industry was "not made of glass" to be handled with care and added that there was no need for excessive censorship as the public was the "biggest censor".

Very true. Cinema is 'Of the people', 'For the people' and 'By the people', and these days, cinema is a reflection of the real life; only the truth gets projected on the big screen as much as possible. Reality is made through visionary.

So what is the concept of censors? What is the thought process behind cutting down portions of a movie which is purely creativity? Are we afraid to face the reality? Is the fear factor in human nature to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the truth? What is vulgar and obscene in an art form? Do we reject nude paintings of Picasso or Rembrandt? If not, then why in cinema, this censorship is implied?