non residence indian

Generally NRIs or those deported to foreign countries for work purpose look out for opportunities to participate in Pujas, Satsang, Duga puja festivals happening overseas, and many other festivals whereas they never participated in the same festivals in their own country.

they will spend dollars to get a permission in the foreign land for burning fire crackers on Diwali, when they hated the noise in their own country.

Wearing sarees, pajamas, kurtas, all this starts off. They love joining clubs and groups which meet up to discuss and spread Indianness, though they mostly discuss there the economic situation of America :/. Some people start longing and speaking so good about their country, but when you tell them to go back, its a big NO. What kind of patriotism is this? which suddenly erupts in a foreign nation and ends in the slums and drains of native land, when you imagine to returning??