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Bollywood is steaming with controversies in the recent days; unlike previous record, issues these days are just not willing to die down; one issue comes up and goes on for months till there is a final legal or public verdict on the social networking sites. One way it is good; as because some people are behaving in a sensible way, following each controversy regularly and ritually; reading through both party arguments and posting their opinion on twitter, instagram etc. to carry the matter forward. It is much better than some sprung up rumours which would fade away inconclusively. However, is the current situation of media awareness too, is going against women all the time?

Its been a few days, that the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut legal trife has cooled down. Both parties in this case, had fought their legal battles shaming each other with notices from the court. But what came out finally in the media was against a woman. the investigation reports, that the MEDIA puts forward claims that the 'Queen' actress had been sending messages and harrasing the 'Krishh' actor and not vice versa. There had been no affair between the two, and that the actress had just done it for cheap publicity. My questions are- 1. Firstly, the interview of Kangana which raised the big battle, never featured the name of any particular actor... The actress just mentioned 'silly ex' referring to someone who was bothering her... I do not understand, if there was nothing between the two (Hrithik and Kangana) why the Roshan son had to assume that the term referred to him, and send the first legal notice?

2. Initially, Hrithik Roshan claimed that his account was hacked, and some other person was faking him and sending messages to Kangana. Now his lawyers are saying that Kangana was sending him messages (that means he was receiving them on HIS account). Both the stories are contradictory on the Roshan side, which is true?

3. Why will Kangana Ranaut, who is a 3-times National Award winner, self-made successful woman, need any publicity by linking herself with an actor? Is she by any chance less successful than the actor? Probably more, so she doesn't need doing it I guess.

4. Why Asperger's syndrome was brought into discussion. Had the actor known the actress closely, that he was all of a sudden making such a weird comment on an established personality? Or was it just to humiliate and insult her and stigmatize her in front of the society?

On top of that, few defamed unsuccessful MEN (about whom nobody talks in general) were trying to come to headlines using this controversy, however, they chose to stand against Kangana, calling her a witch, doing black magic, psycho, and what not non sense in the era of scientific discoveries and globalization, and the media was actually publishing all that. Its very sad, when a woman is independent and successful on her own accord, this world cannot tolerate that, not even the glamour industry. Truth can be bitter, but men go in support of men to sham and troll the woman who is fighting for her respect and truth.

I have been a big fan of Hrithik Roshan since the time of 'Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai', I had deep respect for the hard-working guy, but after this incident, I really believe that hypocrisy in embedded in every single individual. The spark which was shown in 'Gangster', continues to shine. I knew she will shine, when someone can speak volumes without dialogues, just by some eye movements, she has a long way to go and discover herself as an artist. Kangana has proved herself again and again in films like Fashion, Raaz-The mystery continues, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Queen, Woh Lamhe, Revolver Rani and Life in a Metro will further rise and soar to achieve bigger successes, and no one would be able to stop her, but I wish she would not have to face this humiliation in the same industry which gives her bread and butter.

Now recently, another issue has erupted where Chitrangada Singh had accused Director Kushan Nandy of using obscene statements upon her in front of the whole crew; his instructions were so humiliating and disrespectful that she had to quit Baabumoshai Bandukbaaz. Today, her co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui, a powerhouse of talent, who has proved himself not with his looks, but by his acting skills in the Bollywood industry, has come out with his view on the issue, and unfortunately, he is too on the MAN'S side. He has negated all the allegations made by the actress and said “We did a normal scene. There was nothing unacceptable about what we shot. The incident being described did not happen. Kushan is a decent soft spoken person. He’s a gentleman, incapable of crass behaviour.”

Awesome! indirectly calling brave actress Chitrangada Singh a liar! We do not know the truth, but with common sense we can judge, that an actress will not want to lose a film, after shooting halfway through it, for making false statements in the media against someone or for publicity. If the film would be completed with her, she would gain greater publicity and appreciation. Now that she is being replaced, its her loss, so why would she accuse someone falsely at this stage?

But it has been proven, a truth spoken boldly is quite unacceptable to the society, especially, if it is spoken by a woman, who is independent and self-made. When Kangana spoke something, it seemed as if the entire filmdom was getting together to prove her a liar, and now when Chitrangada speaks of her plight, she is being shamed by the crew of the film as well as her co-star who was a witness to everything. She is being called the liar, she is being asked for clarifications. Anushka Sharma had also rightly said, that even the wage is not equal for an actor and an actress in the industry. A heroine always gets lesser pay than a hero, even though it is a woman-centric film. It is a general rule for no apparent reason. Why? Does the actress work less hard than the actor?

Is this still a man's world, where a man decides the worth and ability of a woman? where a man judges a woman and what is right and wrong? If so, Bollywood should change and will change very soon. Fortunately, we as audience and elements of society, are not foolish these days, we can decipher the truth behind all the arguments and controversies. When all women get together towards a positive opinion using the media, men will have to stoop, even in the Bollywood industry. Women will flaunt the last laugh..