Can depression be synonymous to death?

15 Sep
Oyindrila Basu

Depression has become a major problem amongst the curremnt opulation across the globe. Various research works are being conducted on people to study the patterns and varying symptoms of depression. Work life, personal problems, family issues everything affect an individual. However we cannot deny the fact, that we think a lot these days, think a lot about money, more money, promotion, self-rights, position, prestige and everything; possibly, earlier people were less thoughtful hence were less troubled. Larger concerns and lesser solutions is the cause of depression. 

  • Major depressive disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older, in a given year. (Archives of General Psychiatry, 2005 Jun; 62(6): 617-27)
  • It is a proven fact, that women across the world are more affected with depression than men. Depression also affects your children, because it creates a negative aura around you.  A major symptom of severe depression is suicidal thoughts, and it is dangerous. 
  • Depression is the cause of over two-thirds of the 30,000 reported suicides in the U.S. each year. (White House Conference on Mental Health, 1999)
  • For every two homicides committed in the United States, there are three suicides. The suicide rate for older adults is more than 50% higher than the rate for the nation as a whole. Up to two-thirds of older adult suicides are attributed to untreated or misdiagnosed depression. (American Society on Aging, 1998) Hence can we conclude that depression is equal to death? Can we keep ourselves away from depression? how? If we have it, how can we prevent it from being deadly?

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  • Anirban Ghatak
    Anirban Ghatak   Sep 21, 2016 09:07 PM

    Depression happens in all of us in some form. I am currently having depression along with panic attacks at times, because I am too much worried about my future career as a software engineer. I do not know what will happen to me if I continue working in the same technology for so long; where am I going? Will I ever be able to do a task alone confidently? Am I failure in this field? Though I have achieved a position but better than my age and experience, and I know people appreciate my work, but this feeling of insufficiency never leaves me.

  • roni shukla
    roni shukla   Sep 17, 2016 09:42 PM

    Few years back, I have been in depression. I couldn't trcae the actual cause of it, however, I felt reluctant with everything; my office work was going slow, I was missing deadlines on presentations, this was harming my reputation; however, I felt my life was just being wasted, I was not doing anything special, I was just doing something that gave me moderate money without any relation to what I learnt, an existential crisis always haunted me; what will I do in future? No one likes me, everyone speaks behind my back, these were the thoughts; I also had suicidal thoughts, it was completely engulfing my life. I have shifted my company and that was not easy too, I have been trying to motivate myself since then gradually, and today, I am doing OK in my career, but the phase of depression was a nightmare.

  • shruti jain
    shruti jain   Sep 15, 2016 09:39 PM

    My brother was in depression for 3 years. He had been through a bad break up, after which life was like meaningless for him. He did not sit for his joint entrance examinations, hence he missed the opportunity of fuelling his career towards medical or engineering. He was forcefully admitted to a general course with chemistry, and he never did that too seriously. every evening he would sit inside his room and cry for hours; he kept messaging and calling the girl inspite of her being offended, till the time she stopped answering him. He barely went to college. He would be in his bed the whole day, staring at the window. We tried to counsel him a lot, but with no significant result. We tried to take him to an expert, but he would refuse to get out of the house. One day he went to college, and they had a practical class; at around 4.00 pm we received a call from the authorities saying there was emergency in the chemistry lab, and my brother was involved. He was unmindful during an experiment and had accidentally dropped the concentrated sulphuric acid on the workplace, and as if that was not enough, he tried bathing his hands into it, intentionally, people tried to pull him away, but he kept rubbing his hands on the table. after that day, we kept him at home, observing him all the time. His friends came sometimes, but he would hardly talk, he faired poorly in the first two years of his grads, in the final year, his core was average. He has joined recently as a trainee in a company, but he has not completely recovered. Even today, sometimes, we watch him relapse into the low phase, when he doesn't react to anything. He could have had a brilliant career, he was good in studies, but depression was kind of killing for him... We still do not know what to do.

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