I never knew this is a disease. I was taught from childhood that everything should be kept clean. I grew up in a family where actually certain cultural prospects were followed, the hands you touched non veg with needs to be washed immediately, or may be touching cooked food also pollutes the hand, so wash it; touching pooja items means washing your hands prior to it.  have practiced them and I have evolved myself in the procedure, to the extent, that anyone comes to my house, I am annoyed, when they leave, i wash the entire floor because i feel they have come from outside and the floor is getting dirty, so I should clean it. I have to take a bath whenever I use the bathroom. If something has fallen on the table, i clean it once, again I come back to clean the same place, I feel something is still left. My family keeps scolding me, so I have having a feeling whether this is a problem with me, or is it natural? what can I do, to be like others are?