We have been taught since childhood, that we should not fight with anyone. But as we grow up, we evolve with changed views and opinions, but there are certain things which we reatin as a person; and due to some childhood education, some of us are introvert, shy, fearful and some are more expressive, dashing and fearless. But fighting has been a generic crime, or a negative aspect in everyone's nature, and probably continues to be so. But I believe, you need to fight. You need to fight for yourself, with yourself by yourself; you have to fight everyday, with everybody and if you don't, you don't exist. We need to fight for our rights, nobody serves them on a silver plate, you need to fight for the right, (else the wrong person or thing will prevail) you need to fight for education, for knowledge, for freedom. As we all know, our freedom fighters, ahd fought the British, and their fight is still celebrated gloriously on the 15th of August, each year, so were they bad? No, isn't it? If you don't fight for something, you absorb and digest something alternative, and when you adjust with something you don't like, it means you are not happy; and what is more important? some taught rules or your mental peace and happiness? 

If you don't fight with yourself, you can never overcome bad thoughts, and result will be, everyone becoming a criminal.

If we don't fight the problems within us, we can never improve.

If we don't fight with depression, we all will soon become patients.

So fight is a part of our lives, and we should do it with will power and positive spirit. Those are the weapons, not always the swords and the bullets.