Why do we see more cases of depression and anxiety now a days?

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  • Khushi Khanna
    Khushi Khanna   Jun 06, 2017 01:06 PM

    Actually our generation lacks the bond of understanding,  love which was shared between people before. Nowadays people are only able to fulfill each others materialistic needs. They are so busy in their lives that they don't have time for themselves. Those who have time are busy in the virtual world. Reality will soon become history if this continues.

    Parents don't know what is going on their children's life. There is lack of communication between them. This doesn't mean that parents don't love their children or vice versa but it is all because of some misunderstandings, generation gap, lack of time. Same is the case if we talk about any relationship. 
    I think the main reason for stress is that people don't  live life to live but they take it as a burden. They want to achieve everything but this is not possible. You may work as hard as you can but there will always be something you will not get. So, its better to not run after materialistic goals. Enjoy the present, the place where you are now, the people you have around and don't think of anything else. 
    When it comes to depression the main cause is that we have become judgemental and we assume everything by our own. Everyone thinks that there is no one with whom he could talk about everything but that's not true. You think no one will understand you and another person also thinks the same. My question is have you ever tried to explain your thoughts or have you ever listened to anyone instead of hearing.

    This anxiety, depression and stress is all because interaction  between people is becoming negligible. That compassion is not seen anymore.

  • Cheryl Jolly
    Cheryl Jolly   Jun 05, 2017 09:18 AM

    Depression and anxiety are spreading like wildfire these days and it is barely surprising at all given the kinds of exposure we are acclimatized to. Social media has a huge role to play in this apparent epidemic. Teenage, fragile minds are easily swayed by the allurements of the virtual platforms. It is no longer enough to stay cooped up within the four concrete walls, but foster a “go getting" attitude. Thus, the amounts of stress it results in, very often gets out of hand.

    We are so used to give in to small stressors that when faced with an actual problem, calling it quits seems to be the best way out. Ever so often, it is the lack of proper guidance and knowledge of helpful resources which puts us in that state of mind.Thus,it is important that such sources be made easily available and constantly accessible. In a country like ours, the mental issues such as depression, anxiety and stress is rarely discussed and instantly trivialized. The role of a therapist or an experienced counselor is very often replaced by the individual's peers, parents, or religious. In such a scenario, the issues faced by the individual, is often failing to be understood in its entirety and thus proper as well as accurate solutions are rarely provided. This incompatible nature of the help provided thus aggravates the situation, making them even more misunderstood.
    When compared to older generations, the current situation is highly complex and thus demands optimal personality development within a conducive environment. For this very purpose, the inner social circle of the individual must find it their prerogative to make ensure that the person is in the right headspace at most of the times.

  • Rimi Sharma
    Rimi Sharma   May 30, 2017 01:15 AM

    Having read your discussion, I feel that there are two perspectives to answer this.

    The first is that there is a lot of emphasis being put on these issues these days, as more number of people are becoming aware of these states of the mind. Earlier, people did not pay much attention to them, regarding them as “phases” people go through. You may have heard many people regarding depressive symptoms as being “sad”. Such mentalities of people and their lack of knowledge led to these issues not being brought to the fore, which is why when people, today, are coming forward and talking about the issues they are facing, not only do more people become aware of them, but also become more tolerant. Therefore, in the past we did not hear such issues being discussed so openly because of the lack of awareness, and also the lack of platforms to talk about them.

    The second perspective is this is happening because of stress. Stress can come at us from anywhere, and these days there isn’t any place which is not stressful to people. From trying to live up to the expectations of family and friends, to problems in relationships, everything contributes to stress. The modern day is fast-paced, we have a need to do a lot of things within the time-frame of 24 hours, which is why most of us seem to always be rushing. In order to keep up with the increasing pressure to make our mark in the society or at least in the eyes of our close ones, we end up working more than we should. Chronic stress leads further to the development of mental illnesses.

    However, this can surely be avoided. If we add a little bit of exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, time for friends and family (regardless of when the next deadline is) in our daily routine, the impact of stress can be reduced slowly and steadily.

    Lastly, I think we are becoming less capable of coping with stress because our social ties are becoming weaker and lesser in number. Social ties are a way to fight stress, studies suggest.


  • Chaitali Tiwari
    Chaitali Tiwari   May 29, 2017 06:51 PM

    In today's scenario,there's so much chaos and we are unable to deal with the speed of the storm.Stress is basically caused by a hormone known as cortisol and anxiety is caused by another hormone known as adrenaline and noradrenaline.Our diet is not balanced,we have so much competition,we don't exercise and then these causes leads to stress and anxiety.I know it's not easy to cope with depression and to manage your workload and personal time at the same time but we can definitely manage it with systematic schedule and proper efforts.We spend so much time on technology and don't give proper time to our body which results in stress and depression.Exercise is a must to avoid depression as it balances your cortisol level and increases your happy hormone which makes you feel better and confident.You also start looking fit and young which boosts your inner confidence and self appreciation.Avoid eating unhealthy food and start eating green vegetables,fruits etc that will reduce your cortisol.Children or teenagers can eat chocolates as this will increase your happy hormone and decrease your cortisol and will make you feel good.The most important cause of depression is lack of self esteem and that is because we don't appreciate ourselves,we underestimate ourselves,Stop doing that right now and start loving yourself.You are perfect the way you are and you don't need to change to adjust in the society.Be happy and healthy.

  • Nandini Ajay Kumar
    Nandini Ajay Kumar   May 27, 2017 09:38 PM

    There can be various perspectives on this. One, in today's world there is more acceptance and understanding about mental disorders (stress, anxiety, etc.). People are more open talking about it and so we see more such cases. Another perspective could be that in today is the world of a fast pace. With increasing competition and stress, anxiety and depression come in handy. Lastly, more and more people are becoming education and awareness about mental health is increasing. Also, earlier people were more resilient and the problems they encountered were completely different from now. With more advancement and globalisation stress levels increase leading to an increase in the levels of depression and anxiety.

  • Prasha saggu
    Prasha saggu   May 25, 2017 01:28 AM

    Stress is not necessasarily a negative emotional reaction but has positive consequences as is evident from Yekes-Dodson law, according to which, an optimal amount of stress or anxiety is essential for proper performance. However, as the level of stress and anxiety arise, it leads to impairment in functioning. 

    Different individuals perceive reality differently and the stimulus that may be a challenging stressor for one may be threatening for the other and thus the level of anxiety may vary. A major contributor of an increase in anxiety, stress and depression is the lack of social support. 

    Social support from family, friends and community members makes it easier to deal with one's problems and make them to be perceived as challange rather than a threat. As the world is "modernizing" we are moving towards leading a life that is mostly self-centered. Our goals and motives tend to revolve around ourselves and thus the support is lacking and the bondings are weak. One major reason for this maybe technology. Various studies have revealed that spending most od the time being closer to technology leads to an increase in the narcissistic traits of the individual. The way to cope with stress is a major factor contributing to an increase in the level of stress and depression. The techniques are emotion- focused and may involve engaging in substance abuse aand a method to reduce anxiety. 

    A high level of competition and pressure from friends, family and society to stand up to their expectations may cause drastic changes in the levels of anxiety, depression and stress.

  • Yachika Chugh
    Yachika Chugh   May 23, 2017 03:19 PM

    People of past and previous generation used to live in contact with nature more. They used to have good bonds with the society they live in string connections were there. They were very active in their lifestyles and used to have a good diet and daily routine. Expectations were less and hence led a good, very less stressful and happy life. Now a days people are more focused for goals like money fame and have weak relationships and community bond that need of love and belongingness is badly suffering because of which many people feel stressed. They don't give importance to inner beauty of mind but pay empahsis on outer beauty. Other main reason of the stress is Technology I agree it is making our life easier but at what cost? 

    People spend most of their time on phones, laptops, watching videos and stuff on internet they hardly have time to spend with their families and loved ones. In past family members used to sit together have meals together and used to talk to each other about their lives, happy times and sad times but now family members communicate on whatsapp. According to a survey Instagram is the app which causes anxiety among most of youth and adults. People our so indulge in virtual world that they start comparing their real lives with the virtual lives of other people and that comparison leads to anxiety and stress anyway.

    People of previous generations used live in direct contact of nature used toh have fresh air and nutritious food. Now one cannot find fresh air all thanks to industrilization and automobiles. Supplements and packed food has taken the place of Nutritious food. One thing i would like to mention is that CHANGE is the major cause of depression and stress in generation of this era. Whether it be changes in technology, environment, people or culture.


  • Madhuri Marathe
    Madhuri Marathe   May 23, 2017 03:06 PM

    There could be two main reasons for getting more and more people affected by stress, anxiety and depression compared to the past and previous generations. It seems like a norm nowadays.

    1. This could be a positive change. Maybe people in the past did suffer from anxiety, stress and depression but never gave it medical attention. And today, with the appropriate awareness people are seeking medical services to get treatment and hence get counted in the statistics.


    1. Stress, anxiety and depression are also loosely used terms when compared to the symptoms actually given in the Diagnostic statistical Manual.
  • Arushi Adhikari
    Arushi Adhikari   May 23, 2017 12:33 PM

    Reasons why people are affected by anxiety, depression and stress nowadays is people are over anxious these days they have become so sophisticated and egoistic as well.

    Our generation except of going out and mixing up with people they love being alone which is leading to stress and other mental problems like depression. Whereas our past generation was more happier as there was no pressure and unnecessary stress people were close to each other.

    Nowadays even 9-10 year olds are always busy with mobile phones, except of going out and playing they are busy in indoor activities or watching tv. There is no bond or connection in today's generation.

    Earlier people were there for each other in every problem, whereas now people are waiting to see others in problem. We can't even trust anyone people have become selfish to that extend that they are not even able to distinguish between what is wrong or right.

    This is all because of the technologies which are emerging day by day which has make every work effortless they are beneficial to an extend but they have disadvantages too.

    People have become so introvert that they are busy in themselves they don't want to talk to anyone else. People should go out talk to their near and dear ones. even after living in the same family people are so busy in themselves that they don't have time to talk to each other due to which they came across differences and other relationship problems. So Express yourself and live your self to full extent be happy and joyful as life is a one time offer so go out and live your life :) 

  • Aparna Kanmani
    Aparna Kanmani   May 22, 2017 09:01 PM

    In this smartphone age everything is just a touch away and fast paced. Over the generations, people seem to have lost their patience and the ability to adapt to change. Parents do not know how to engage their children without a TV, smartphone, tab or computer.

    Children are brought up with such luxury that they treat parents are like a Genie that gives them whatever they demand without a question. When was the last time you saw a mother stand up to her child's tantrum in a departmental store. Probably very rare. Parents easily give in to save the embarrassment. 

    With such sensitive upbringing, imagine how the child would react if you say a NO. The simple disappoint is too much to handle in the child's mind. As they grow, they end up being highly sensitive and impatient with no adaptability to change and acceptance towards criticisms. When the amount of social pressure exceeds their ability to withstand stress things go haywire.

    A much noted example is the suicides that follow board exam results. Adults, for that matter, are no better with their crazy work-life balance. In the present lifestyle, there is probably none who hasn't been through phases of stress, anxiety or depression. But the norm can change with some support and planning.

    When you learn how to drive the first thing you are taught is to use the break. Learning to driving is just operating a machine. But to be safe, you need to know how to stop the car in case of emergency. Let’s learn to be resilient first. A positive mental health will follow.

  • vineeta singh
    vineeta singh   May 22, 2017 06:27 PM

    As we all know during olden day’s population were less. People were more connected to each other as the community was small; it was easier to communicate with each other. Everyone knew each other very well.

    In the evening all the villagers from elderly people to children use to sit under the tree and discuss their problems with each other and help each other solving them.

    Talking is the best therapy to release stress, anxiety and depression, which we can see in history also. People were helpful and cared about each other and took each other’s help.

    In today’s world everyone is busy doing their own work even the same family members do not have time for each other. This is because of too much competition, everyone wants to be first and this race by coming first is making people anxious, depressed and stressful. They want to achieve everything what others have. They get jealous, angry, furious, tensed etc. when they are not able to get what they want. All their time is taken by their work of coming first, they do not have any personal time for themselves they do not communicate with others. They don’t even know what actually they are missing in their lives they are becoming modern machines which all do is work and work and work and when they fail all they are filled with stress which further leads to depression.

  • Swayamprava Pati
    Swayamprava Pati   May 22, 2017 11:30 AM

    The impression that the prevalence of mental disorder has been increasing during the last decades is only partially justified. The considerable increase in the demand for psychiatric and psychotherapeutic help is influenced by quite a number of factors that vary in nature and direction. The most essential contribution was made by changes in the age composition of the population - and primarily by the growing number of mentally ill elderly persons - and by the enormous increase in life expectancy. In milder psychiatric disorder the increase in the utilization of medical help is mainly due to new ways of treatment and to the great enlargement of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services in most countries. There is obviously a relation between changes in the frequency of deviant behaviour and changing patterns of values in society, such as the reduction of educational intensity and the commitment of adolescents to norms and convictions of their parents.

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