Thoughts of dying

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  • Nandini Ajay Kumar
    Nandini Ajay Kumar   May 28, 2017 12:28 AM

    This can be due to various reasons and it varies from individual to individual as it has to do with individual experiences and individual fears. Do not panic and just relax. Try using muscle relaxation techniques, meditation and communicate about it to the ones close to you. Consider taking therapy as it can have serious consequences in the future. But first of all, TALK ABOUT IT TO SOMEONE WHO YOU TRUST AND WHO YOU FEEL CAN HELP YOU GET OU OF THIS.

  • Madhuri Marathe
    Madhuri Marathe   May 27, 2017 07:15 PM

    Anxiety not only causes, but also contributes to a variety of fears. One of these various fears is: fear of death. During anxiety attacks, one feels heart pumping, running out of breath and other bizarre signs which can make one feel like dying. One can get anxiety attacks for various reasons and can make feel one like dying. And there are some anxiety attacks which are caused due to fear of death. And these bizarre anxiety attack sigs just add up to this fear.  It acts as both as a cause as well as effect of anxiety, and trust me even those without anxiety issue in other spheres often experience this fear in some ways.

    One wouldn’t want fear of death to go out of one’s system entirely. It’s just that, this fear should not ruin your life. The reason I say this is, because you have a fear of death you react with an immediately for an alarming-life threatening situation which in turn saves your life. You either FIGHT OR FLIGHT in an alarming- life threatening situations. When you have fear attacks breathe and tell yourself that this is going to pass, this is just a phase. However, try to make some additions in your day-today life activities, from the list below-

    • Meditate- Allocate some time for meditations at a peaceful location.
    • Listen to yourself! - Let that inner voice within tell and convince you, that this is just a fear and not an actual end.
    • Get out of your comfort zone – Obviously this should be done gradually, but this will make you feel safer in places outside your normal buffer zone.
    • Be around optimistic people.
    • Think about things you would like to do (make a wish list) and go on a voyage of striking them off.

    However, if the problem gets too severe, consult a counselor and talk about it.



  • Aparna Kanmani
    Aparna Kanmani   May 25, 2017 06:26 PM

    Anxiety attacks can make you feel like you're going to faint, lose your mind, or die. But trust me, you won't. When you sweat, feel your heart race, find it difficult to breathe, feel pain in your chest, etc. it is very likely that one attributes it to a possible near end. Understand that this will pass. The symptoms that you feel won't last for long. In a matter of minutes you know that these arousals will mellow down and put you back in place. Note the symptoms you experience so that you know what to expect each time. 

    Some comforting tips would be to relax yourself. Everytime you are short of breath, try to take deep breaths with your belly rise and fall as you inhale and exhale. Consider regular exercise and a healthy diet. It will help you give your body a stress-free routine. Organize and plan your day in such a way your mind is relaxed. 

    Remember, that you control your body and your body doesn't control you. Our heart and mind is what we let them be. Tell yourself that you can get through this. When you know that the symptoms won't last long, don't attribute it to a catastrophic end and peak your anxiety levels. It's also good to have someone near you during and after the attack to reassure you that it is something you can control and handle.

  • vineeta singh
    vineeta singh   May 25, 2017 10:07 AM

    Its okay if you feel so sometimes.Its not a disorder we all feel this way in many situations of our lives.Generally its seen more in teenagers due to their growing age and hormonal chnges which leads to mood swings.So its normal taht way sometimes.But if its to much and the phase of your mood swing is not getting over that it may be dangerous and may lead to depression .There are may be many reasons to this-

    1)You may not have so healthy relationship with your family due to some reasons like communication,different views etc.

    2)You may be having some trouble with your social life like peer pressure,less friends,relationships which is making you emotionally week.

    3)Their may be things going in your mind that you are not able to figure out.

    You can overcome this situstion by following these things-

    1)Try doing something new,add some new activitity in your schduel,it will make your mind fresh and energize you.

    2)Try going on trips with your family members its always good to travel to gain some positivity.

    3)Change your company,it may be your surrounding or environment causing you to feel so.

    4)Try to generalize things in your mind,maybe there is something bothering you and you are not able to figure it out.

    5)Try going out on morning or evening walks,its always best to connect with nature to gain peace and positivity.



  • Arushi Adhikari
    Arushi Adhikari   May 24, 2017 10:51 PM

    Anxiety attacks is a state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a real or imagined event, situation or circumstance that we think might be threatening. It can feel awful, intense and frightening, because they can be powerful experiences, it can seem like anxiety attacks are out of our control. They seem like harmful but they actually aren't. Anxiety attacks and their signs and symptoms are episodes of high degree stress responses accompanied or precipitated by high degree fear and anxiety. These thoughts of dying which you came across can be due to unnecessary stress, feeling of fear etc. First of all try to think positively and try to calm down yourself. Start doing exercise or yoga daily in morning atleast for half an hour, and Do relaxation/ meditation before sleeping and after you wake up atleast for 15-20 minutes it will keep your mind and body relax and will relieve you from anxiety. Secondly what you can do is try to involve yourself in some activity such as gyming, dancing or any other activity which makes you feel better. Try to share your emotions, feelings with someone whom you are close to. Do not repress your feelings. If still the anxiety level increases even after doing all these things then you can consult to a psychiatrist and take psychotherapy such as cognitive-behavioural therapy. It will surely help you out :) 

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