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24 May
chandan pathak

tv serial addiction

My wife is so much addicted to some TV serials and wastes daily 4-5 hours on them. Why do we get so much addicted to them and how can I get her out of it?


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  • Gourab Banerjee
    Gourab Banerjee   Jun 06, 2017 07:12 PM

    I can understand your problem. It's because I am addicted to TV series also. But they are all Hollywood series. I learn stuff from it. If it's all Bollywood series, then God bless you! NO! Jokes apart!
    Watching TV series can become an addiction. When someone sits in front of the TV to watch any series, they generally relate themselves or their lives to what is being shown on the TV. They try to find solace or a moment of happiness and relaxation from it. You just have to see what your wife watches and how it affects her life. Addiction can be good as well as bad. If your wife does something productive and if watching TV series helps her to come out of the monotonous activities that she goes through each day, then it’s perfectly fine. But if you see that its leading nowhere productive, and she is becoming addicted to the negative side of it just like that, then it’s time for you to take it in your hands.
    First of all, you can try discussing the series that she watches. Try doing some background research on what she sees, and understanding them. Then observe her activities before and after she sees them. If you think it's going fine, then you can only tell her to watch a bit less. And if not, then you can try making her understand the ill effects of the series that she watches, and how it’s harming her life. You both are grown up people. You can’t force someone to change its habit in one go. But its worth the try. I am sure this shall be helpful for you. Good luck!

  • Meghna Achar
    Meghna Achar   Jun 05, 2017 10:26 PM


    In this era of mass media taking over every little part of our daily lives, it’s not suprising when our near and dear ones, and often, we ourselves get hooked to the biggest vice there is – television. Seeing that you are quite worried about how a major portion of your wife’s day is eaten up by TV shows, you need to question why she isn’t seeking other forms of entertainment. What you need to do in order reduce this addiction is engage her in something equally or more stimulating than the stories she watched on the screen.

    Explain to her that she can do something productive, something that she is good at, maybe reading, writing, gardening, cooking, and so on. Suggest that taking up such an activity increases her productivity and how sitting in front of the TV all day doesn’t really add up to her doing anything.

    Also explain to her the benefits of attempting to be productive. There’s a lot more positivity in terms of self-confidence, and feel-good factor. Watching TV serials, especially some of those crass shows with baseless plots, will only fill her mind with negativity, which isn’t very good for her health.

    So, you could try and make her understand how you are concerned about how her dependence on it is unhealthy, and maybe take her out more, spend more time with her, and do things that she likes, so that she feels better entertained away from the television than while glued to it.

    I hope that helps!

  • Rimi Sharma
    Rimi Sharma   Jun 03, 2017 12:27 AM

    I will address your question in 3 parts.

    1st part is “why do we get addicted to TV shows?”

    There are many reasons. A study done by researchers from the Princeton University suggested that the more control a director has over the scenes, that is, the more a director shows you where to look, the more addictive the show becomes. For example, if in one scene the focus is only on the lead character, although there are others present in the same scene.
    The second reason is the cliffhanger, which is the most obvious reason. You may have noticed that almost all TV shows have mini-cliffhangers before the advertisement, or at the end of an episode. This ensures that they have the viewers attention and that the viewer will be returning to know what happens next, to feed their curiosity.

    The show-makers use various kinds of tactics to keep the viewers glued to their TV screens. Your wife isn’t the only sufferer here, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people who are addicted to TV series, shows etc.


    2nd part, “How can you get her out of it?”

    Depends on whether she is ignoring her daily life in order to watch the TV shows or not. What I mean to say is that whether her habit of watching TV serials is an addiction at all or not. Your wife may be watching TV so much because TV shows are entertaining to her, helps her escape from reality or gets her mind at work. It can be a simple matter of getting entertained rather than a matter of worry,


    However, if you feel that it indeed is a cause of worry, then a few things you can do are:

    1. Help your wife get away from the TV set by initiating conversations in which she is interested. Slowly, make it a routine.
    2. Talk to your wife about her habit, and find out her take on this matter. If she agrees with you, then it will be easier to move toward change, if not, hard luck buddy.
    3. It is often the case of low self-esteem and inability to take responsibility which leads one to find routes of escape. And what could be better than a TV show? In this case, you need to make your wife feel more confident about herself. Encourage her to try new things, work from home, meet her friends or be productive. Brainstorm with her new ideas which she could work on, in order to get her mind off the TV.

    This was the third part.


    The gist of it all is, if your wife does not want to change this habit of hers, you can’t make her change it. If she is happy with the way things are, unless you can show her a better way to be happier, then I don’t think there is much left to do.

  • Rhythm Makkar
    Rhythm Makkar   May 30, 2017 09:26 PM

    Hello. I hope you're doing well.

    The television is not called "Idiot Box" for no reason. TV series are made in such a way that people often find themselves being addicted to them. They want to find out what happens next and stay glued to the television screens. I cannot deny the fact that some TV shows are very informative and factual and are good for people. But there are also shows that only waste time. Shows that support supernatural phenomenon are one example. There is no doubt that people get addicted to such shows. There could be many reasons behind this. Some people keep watching TV to avoid their problems, avoid thinking about something, or simple because they have nothing to do. There is no harm in watching TV for lesser period of time. But no one realises when it becomes a habit. There are ways to get rid of this habit. The person should be encouraged to go outdoors and indulge themselves in outdoor activities. Even going out for a walk will do. They should be made to understand the consequences of watching TV for straight hours. A TV plan should be made which only allows certain shows to be watched and for specific time periods. Lastly, you should talk to your wife regarding the problem. I'm sure she will listen to you and understand it is a problem. Communication is key. Only if you talk to her, wll you be able to find the solution that works best for her. I hope you both are able to overcome this problem and that my response helps you. Have a nice day. 

  • Nandini Ajay Kumar
    Nandini Ajay Kumar   May 26, 2017 03:31 PM

    TV serials are made and written in such a way that they show the accurate or real picture of women. Many women are able to relate to it and find it interesting to watch. If your wife is a homemaker, it is possible that she is using it as a defence mechanism, that is, a way to cope her feelings of loneliness and helplessness. By watching those serials, she might feel understood and heard. To combat this problem of hers, it is very important you put your faith in her and give her a chance to explore and do what she likes.  

    It is very important to have a sense of purpose in life. If she has that, she will automatically be distracted from her TV serials and instead would focus on things which are productive and fruitful. Spending time with your wife and by being an empathetic husband could also help in such a situation. 

    Also, it is very important, if she is happy in the position she is. If yes, there is not much that can be done as she would be reluctant to change. And if not, then sit with her and make a plan and take insight as to what she wants. 


  • Aparna Kanmani
    Aparna Kanmani   May 25, 2017 08:09 PM

    Assuming that your wife is a homemaker, it is common to find them addicted to TV serials easily. Understand that she has enough time to spare and it keeps her going when nobody is home. To some housewives, watching TV is also like a way of coping with loneliness and stress. It is understandable that you have concerns regarding her disturbed routine. There are few ways you can help her. 

    • Try to spend more time with her when you are at home. Make a family time where all of you are together to converse or play a game etc. 
    • Give her a sense of purpose and mission in her life. Talk about the things she could achieve, such as work from home, doing creative arts, spending time with children etc.
    • Track the amount of usage and make her realize how the time could be used better. Some apps or TV systems allow to set timers that indicate extended usage. Make her realize television us eating up half her time. 
    • Help her become a member of a club, committee or NGOs that will keep her occupied socially and also help her gain more company to interact. This would also improve the her potentials as a social worker and leader. 

    But all this is possible only if she is willing to change. You cannot force someone to change. If you try to be overpowering in the name of helping, say removing the TV connection or breaking the remote etc, it might not be as fruitful as you expect it to be. Talk to her about what she is missing out during the time she spends on TV and the ill effects that it has caused such as recent weight gain, carelessness in household chores etc. I'm sure she would understand and take steps to improve herself. 


  • Arushi Adhikari
    Arushi Adhikari   May 24, 2017 09:48 PM

    Tv and phone addiction are the most common and dangerous addictions nowadays. People waste alot of time watching tv and unnecessary serials, watching for entertainment purpose is okay but continuously seeing tv can lead to various problems such as headache, Eye pain etc. Watching tv for 1-2 hour in a day is more than enough but watching it for 5-6 hours or more then that can lead to an addiction which is harmful for our health. This addiction is due to loneliness or mostly people watch tv or mobile phones when they have no one to talk to or they are in stress or usually they do it for passing their time. What you can do is engage your wife in some activity which will divert her mind, or else while she is watching tv go and talk to her about life or any other thing like what you did whole day etc, This will keep her busy and engage. And what you can do is like if your wife feels bore and want to pass her time then ask her to join some cooking classes or gym or any other thing which will keep her engage, and along with time her this addiction will vanish. Addiction takes a wild and a dangerous form if doesn't control with time. 

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