What is the psychology behind people being crazy for movie Baahubali?

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  • Malika Bindal
    Malika Bindal   May 30, 2017 05:35 PM

    It is just curiosity  of people that took them to theatres  to watch baahubali 2.We always compare ourselves  with others  so when some people watched baahubali they informed other some and the same curiosity  rose in their minds also that "why kattapa killed baahubali".When baahubali 2 released ,we can say out of 100 if suppose 30 were extremely  excited to watch the movie then these 30 rose the curiosity  in other 30 also which led to the movie success. Also the movie was great and epic at  indian level.


  • Felicia crystal Rajan
    Felicia crystal Rajan   May 28, 2017 12:17 PM

    People have a lot of things to do and take care of in their daily lives so movies like this help people to relax and give them the will power to deal with reality. It's not necessary that all the people who watch the movie go to relax some just want to have an outing and some want to be with their family and friends. Even though people know that such things can't happen in real life they still enjoy the movie because it is made in such a way that you can't help but watching. This is how they are made, to grasp people's attention and Baahubali is one such movie, which has been successful in doing this. Another reason could be that people are just following the bandwagon effect because they don't want to be left out. 

  • Arushi Adhikari
    Arushi Adhikari   May 26, 2017 09:50 PM

    Nowadays, people are so much into movies and these reality programs as they love watching it and basically all these are made for entertainment purpose. As people are so much busy in their lives, taking out time from their busy schedule and watching movies makes them relax and happy as well. Baahubali is in popularity nowadays accepting the fact that it is a mythological action movie people are still loving it. This is due to its superb caste and screening. All those things which are shown in this movie are unusual and exceptional which cannot be come true in real lives. People usually love this kind of movie as according to Psychology people love visualising, and like thinking about things which are not possible in real life. The things which they imagine and that same they find out in one movie with outstanding acting, and most important the movie connects with people, so they love watching it. Secondly these mythological kind of movies are different from these normal movies which are all with almost similar story and ending. People want something new, different and exceptional these days. The execution of the movie is done brilliantly, the most important thing is movie is in continuity and has connected people till the end. Movie has been made by taking actors which suits the role perfectly like a muscular aspiring hero, beautiful actress. It's a beautiful film with great effects and acting. And most importantly the hardwork, the hardwork of all the team of baahubali has resulted outstandingly by completing 2000 crore :)  

  • Aparna Kanmani
    Aparna Kanmani   May 26, 2017 02:22 PM

    I think you answered your own question. People love exceptional things that far away from reality. Imagination can feed your fantasies and fulfill wishes that are too good to be true. Reality is nothing but boring.

    Bahubali is a mythological action movie with a perfect executive team that takes you through a rich land of power wealth and happiness. The director has done a great job in choosing perfect mythically stereotyped characters such as a muscular and brave hero, magnificently beautiful heroine, a powerful queen and a roaring evil villain.
    The plot revolves around an act of betrayal as a conspiracy in claiming power to the throne. But the cliff hanger to the sequel is what created the craze and hype to the movie. What gained people's attention is also the magnificent cinematography that takes you through a city of ancient architecture, lush green expanse and the luxury of the royal family. It's a dream land you wish existed.

    The script also emphasizes on aspects of gender equality, slavery, honesty, unbroken vows, and modesty which leaves the crowd cheering for more. Boys and girls look upto te charecters as role models and are highly inspired by them.
    It is evident that the story is unrealistic from the first scene when Bahubali fights an elephant and lifts a Ganapathi dare to tackle it. But if you take a vote, 90 percent of them will vouch that they felt the chills down their spine during that scene.

    I feel fantasy is powerful and gives more freedom to explore beyond reality. And Bahubali has achieved it with its grandeur. With the rapid modernization around us, an ethnically ideal portrayal of characters seems attractive even to the youngsters.

  • Nandini Ajay Kumar
    Nandini Ajay Kumar   May 26, 2017 02:13 PM

    Baahubali indeed was a film of grandeur and has been a topic of discussion among the people of all ages. The reasons for this could be many - 

    1) The directors played with the psyche of their audiences. Baahubali 1 was a historic movie. The movie was in talks for the reason that the audiences got to see something new, something that they had never seen before. The First part of the film ended in such a way that people were actually waiting for its sequel to release. so even before Baahubali 2 released, it was already a great hit as it did not require any effort to market itself.

    2)Another reason could be, that people actually liked the film and admired it ven though the film had scenes which are impossible to do in reality. The lead character of the film symbolises an ideal or a role model for many and people could relate to him in many ways. He ways a combination of various traits which in reality can be found in many people differently, however, to find them all in one is difficult in real life. So the film served to the needs of a variety of people in the audience.

    3) The third reason could be, that people did not actually like the film but did not accept from the fear pf being left out. We as humans have the need to be accepted by others and because of this the ones who did not like the film also joined hands with the ones who liked it, thus making the numbers of admirers of the film huge.

  • Sagar Vincent Mondol
    Sagar Vincent Mondol   May 25, 2017 09:34 PM

    First of all, we should applaud the makers of Bahubali for achieving a feat that never was attempted before and on top of that excelling at it.
    Now, there are a lot of reasons as to why the movie is being enjoyed by many people and they are being crazy over it. When a social phenomena occurs, it obviously is witnessed by a large number of people. The phenomenon can be positive or negative. Depending on its positiveness or negativeness, people relate to the phenomenon in various ways. They talk about it, discuss the process, history and repercussions of the event on the individual, group or society at large. This gives people an opportunity to bond over similarities in though even if they differ on other fundamental grounds which are ignored at the moment, thanks to the occurence of the event in concern. People do not want to get left out. A large number of things that people do are done because of their innate need for approval from their fellow group members. Fellow group members my range from a friend to the nation at large. Given that the movie in question here is grand in every sense of the word, it has given people an opportunity to forget their differences and bond with a social interest. An individual is considered valuable among his/her social circle if he has the knowledge/skill in question that is also possessed and valued by a majority of the population. The knowledge about the movie here is a mark of social status, which can put the individual in a negative light no matter how small if he/she admits, he/she has not viewed the film.
    This psychological phenomena can be observed in your own group of friends. If a majority of members in your group talk about football all day and everytime you meet, chances are you will pick up on this liking for football even when you didn't had it before.
    In short, the watching of the particular movie in question is acting as a mode of bonding in social interactions. 

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