How to be confident when I am the odd one out?

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  • Satinder kaur
    Satinder kaur   Jun 03, 2017 07:38 PM

    It takes so much more than confidence to stand out when you are an odd one. It takes lots of experiences, lots of happy and difficult situations, and the people who teach you some meaningful lessons. It depends upon your habit of learning from life. Yeah, confidence is must but one should have the ability to put their thoughts into work that makes them different. Everyone can imagine but some allow it to expand beyond the horizons and some restrict it by fear. Those who take imagination on paper can have the wings to fly high. Sure the starting is always tough but with the constant ascending dedication it can be accessed and from this comes the confidence because you know at that point who you are and are proud to be the one. You have to accept with all your situations and all your flaws than only you will get that high head that doesn't bow down by the criticism. Do what you wanna do and wear what you like. If you accept it then only you can carry it, then only radiants reflect from your face. So love who you are and the rest of the things will just settle down.

  • Sayantani Dey
    Sayantani Dey   Jun 01, 2017 01:45 PM

    Hi dear.Experimenting with new looks is trending now a day! If you are comfortable with your look and dress up,it doesn't matter how others will react on it. People have their own opinions and it differ.Just be sure that you are okay with it.And if you don't try something new for the first time,how will you come to know it is good or not!

    I hope my answer is helpful for you.Stay happy and healthy!

  • Manaswini Venkateswaran
    Manaswini Venkateswaran   May 31, 2017 01:23 PM

    We all have an innate need to belong in society, which is why we'll do just about anything to be accepted by others. There is nothing wrong with wanting that kind of social validation (it's actually what keeps society from becoming completely chaotic).

    However, sometimes our need to belong and our desire to be unique can oppose each other, and this is where we have to sit back and contemplate whether approval from others is really worth foregoing the happiness that we would get by being our own unique selves. 

    Just ask yourself one question before you give up on an idea completely - does what I'm doing in any way harm others or interfere with their right to live as they want? If the answer is no, then there is absolutely no reason for you to abstain from doing whatever it was you wanted to do. It's your choice and the only person that it affects is you. 

    Everyone is different, everyone has different tastes and what is strange to one person may be brilliant to another. Aishwarya Rai's purple lipstick got a wide array of reactions. There were people who hated it and people who loved it. Who's to say which set of people were right? What matters is that Aishwarya was happy with her own choice and felt beautiful in whatever she was wearing. 

    To summarise, how you see yourself plays a big role in how confident you are as a person. Once you stop trying to live up to the expectations of others, you will be free to do whatever you like without any self-doubt or second thoughts. Self-acceptance and self-confidence is a journey, but it's definitely one that is worth the hassle.

    All the best and I hope you find the confidence to do what makes you happy!

  • Malika Bindal
    Malika Bindal   May 30, 2017 05:30 PM

    Self confidence  is just the state of mind.

    If you love yourself ,you would  not care about others anymore.People only intent to let our moral down   but donot worry because you know you are the best .so keep your head high even of you are trying something  new.

  • Felicia crystal Rajan
    Felicia crystal Rajan   May 27, 2017 06:22 PM

    Sometimes to gain a level of confidence you need to be experimental and creative.  So in this case Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gave a boost to her level of confidence by being both. Thus to get a level of confidence you need to be experimental, creative as well as you need to believe in yourself to carry out something which would make you different and help you stand out among all. You should never doubt yourself and always be confident in whatever you do. Always carry yourself with confidence and don't let others question your ability, moreover if you are confident nobody will ever be able to raise any question against you. Hope you find your confidence. 


  • Aparna Kanmani
    Aparna Kanmani   May 27, 2017 10:24 AM

    Being unique and being the odd one out has only a sublet difference. This difference is pointed out by others. If people welcome the change it is unique and if they don't they call it odd. But does it always matter to judged and told what you are. Not necessarily. You need to have the guts to be different. That's confidence. 

    Firstly, stop judging yourself. Imagine the number of things that cross your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror. Every angle harvests a hundred things to criticise. Tell yourself you are sufficient. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are brave and nobody has the right to put you down.

    Love yourself. Have a soft corner for yourself. Give yourself some credits. You really did a good job accept it. Treat yourself better each day. This will help you accept your strengths and weaknesses. The acceptance will change how you feel about yourself and in-turn feed your confidence.

    Remember that you live for yourself and not to please anyone. Society has something to say about everything you do. If you try to keep track of everything and change yourself, then it is neverending. You will lose yourself in-turn. Be who you are and be happy about it. Don't let random words break you down.

    Learn to be Assertive. Being confident doesn't always mean being bold, strong, loud etc. It is being open in communicating your opinions in an assertive manner, demanding respect for your actions and portraying yourself with the ability to face any situation. 

    Wear the jewel of confidence for you have a world to conquer. :)

  • Rachna Lakhanpal
    Rachna Lakhanpal   May 26, 2017 09:58 PM

    Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance as well as the appreciation of your own qualities. 

    Aishwarya Rai may have pulled off a violet lip at Cannes, but that's only one example of confidence. Confidence has many dimensions and looks is just one of those. 

    So, how can you become more confident? 

    Here's a list of a few tips: 

    • Be who you are: Each and every person is different. They have different features, facial structures, genetic makeup, etc. To be more confident, you'll have to stand out of the crowd---be more unique. And being your own person is probably the best way to do that. 
    • Trust in thyself: Confidence is a feeling that you get from within. You can fake it till you make it, but you should try to trust in your beauty, your abilities, and your intelligence. 
    • Break some societal norms: Some norms are meant to be broken or bent. Like what Aishwarya did. Purple isn't the type of colour you'd go for when looking for a lipstick---simply because no one really does it. 
      Aish simply broke the norm and embraced her uniqueness. 

    You need to realize that you're unique--a snowflake and you should embrace what God gave you!

  • Arushi Adhikari
    Arushi Adhikari   May 26, 2017 08:55 PM

    Confidence is one way to success, it is one of the precious key for achieving our goals, celebrities are always confident, bold and positive while they are on camera's or outside. Their personality is reflected through their dressing, the way they walk and speak. They carry themselves well, with lots of confidence, positivity and enthusiasm. The thing that matters is our personality and our personality is built up through confidence, for being confident and positive one should speak assertively, it basically means the person should be clear with his words, that what he wants to talk about, second should be dress the part, which means one should be dressed properly according to the occasion. Dressing doesn't mean something to show off it basically boost up one's level. Whatever you are wearing just carry it properly and be confident and comfortable with it. Third thing which a person can do is think and act positively don't act stupid unnecessarily, speak things which are important and think before you say anything. Fourth is you should be prepare to face new people and situations. See what matters at the end is you yourself, whatever you are wearing, speaking shows that what kind of person you are. You need to be sure about yourself and confident for what you are. We cannot live our lives by copying others, every person is different with different personalities, you should be confident with yours. Be proud for what you are, things will be easier smile

  • Nandini Ajay Kumar
    Nandini Ajay Kumar   May 26, 2017 01:50 PM

    In everybody's life, there will be times when people might end up feeling left out or odd one out. The first question that you should ask yourself is that - "What is wrong with feeling the odd one out? "

    The answers might be - I feel socially awkward, it's weird, etc. But again - "Does that really matter? " Till the time you yourself are okay and happy about what you do or what your are wearing, it should not matter to you about what others are thinking. You are here to live your life. You are not here to please others. 

    If we come to think of it, everybody is different and everybody is unique. We are all beautiful in our own sweet way. 

    Our Biological makeup is different, but we don't feel shy or bad about it. Then why do we feel underconfident about doing something different? Is is because of the fear of what others will say?

    People will say what they want to, people will think what they want to, which is irrespective of what you do! So live confidently, take out the fear of what "THEY" will say, and do what makes you happy and what you feel is the right thing to do!!! Let people be and you be your beautiful and confident self!!

    Let people be and you be your beautiful and confident self :)


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