Why do beautiful girls prefer bully and rowdy type boys over gentlemen?

29 May
Ankur Raj

girls like bad boys

I don't understand why do beautiful girls prefer the company of bully and rowdy type boys? A hard-working, honest, shy gentleman may be craving for all their attention and may not get any. Girls even stand with bullies and make fun of shy boys and sometimes even make fun of other girls.

girls like jerks

Is it really true that "Good guys get heaven and bad boys get women"


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  • Priya Ratti
    Priya Ratti   Jun 05, 2017 10:10 PM


    It is very stereotypical to believe that beautiful girls or girls in general are fond of rowdy boys. You may have seen or experienced this around you, but the same is not true for each and every girl! There are different kinds of people. Every person is unique, regardless of the fact whether they’re a boy or a girl, and every unique person has their strengths, quirks and weaknesses. It's really no one’s fault that some girls tend to fall for the bad boys and sometimes even get their hearts broken. But no matter how many girls a bad boy can charm, goodness always outshines. The fact that you admit yourself to be honest and shy in this world is commendable. Please continue to be so, and do not change yourself just to attain the attention of any person. Be noble and honest, “be so good that they can’t ignore you.” First of all: Believe in yourself and love yourself. It's only after you learn to love yourself that you’ll be able to love someone else. Secondly, anyone would be fond of someone who has a goal in their life, and works for it relentlessly. So streamline your priorities so that you can drive your life towards a determined goal. Also, the more you crave a girls’ attention, the less likely she’ll give it to you. Ignore it. Focus on yourself. Focus on making yourself into a better human being, set a goal in your life and work in its pursuit everyday. It’ll give you much more happiness and satisfaction that any girls’ attention would. Most importantly, be patient. Good things take time. Somebody great will come around.

  • Gourab Banerjee
    Gourab Banerjee   Jun 02, 2017 12:47 PM

    Hello mate!

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Every guy out there perceives the beauty of a girl in a different way. We all know the wonderful and the drastic effects of the both. Let’s not dwell there.

    What you asked here is one of the most common questions, and guys out there have this question on their mind for a very long time. Anyway, there isn’t any pattern that any girl follows before choosing a guy as their partner. But yes, most of the times, this is the common scenario. One of the prime reasons might be peer pressure. When a girl walks hand in hand with a popular guy of a school or a college, it makes her feel that she has received a stature or a position of that sort. But just to clarify, popularity has nothing to do with being rowdy or bullies. Not every popular guy is mean to others. But that’s a different issue.

    There is a thing that goes inside the minds of girls before going out with someone. There is a certain charismatic charm of a bully or rowdy guys that pull girls towards themselves. It might sound utterly ironic and nonsense, but it happens, especially in high schools and colleges. You see, every girl out there craves for attention and security. The guys that you have mentioned can somehow manage both of those for the girl they are going out.  The shyness of a gentleman is what keeps a girl away from knowing what might be going inside their head. If you consider yourself one among them, try to gain that confidence. Befriend the girl you like. Don’t approach her as a potential partner you might be looking for. Being friends with someone helps you to open in a freer manner. Always remember, what you say is how you look! Look at yourself and be confident. Girls might be going after negative boys, but if the positive boys gather the guts that a girl wants in their life, I am sure it's going to work. After that, instances of relationships drifting apart where a girl is going out with a guy like this are much more than abundant in history. In the end, girls settle with a gentleman. That’s what make them gentleman. Because they are gentle but can be bad for their girl! I hope you understood what I meant by the last line. Good luck!

  • soumya yadav
    soumya yadav   Jun 02, 2017 09:57 AM


    This is an interesting question that does cross the minds of several people. Having said that, this isn’t always the case – hard-working and honest gentlemen do acquire girlfriends and wives!

    Now, to address your issue, let’s consider some probable causes of rejection of these “nice” boys:

    • It is a fact widely accepted that qualities like confidence and outspokenness are considered attractive while, being shy and soft-spoken doesn’t exactly take you places. Therefore, if you do fancy a young lady just let your feelings for her be known. I know it can be nerve wrecking to acknowledge a crush, especially when there hasn’t been any sign of reciprocation but you need to present yourself as an option or else you WILL be ignored!
    • Like-mindedness. Unlike the more popular saying, it is actually people who are similar to one another that make better mates. Like-minded people can have a better understanding of each other and thus be more compatible. A girl who ridicules other girls and makes fun of shy boys doesn’t sound like a good fit for a gentleman.
    • Young girls do seem to be drawn to a certain “bad-boy” image. These boys are famous and seem to have an exclusivity about them. Most people give a lot of attention to such people and girls want to be a part of this attention! You need to understand that the reasons behind such an attraction are usually quite superficial.

    However, none of this means that these other boys must embrace their singlehood forever. You just put your best foot forward. Girls might seek adventure, but they also do prize stability and sincerity. Shy people have their own allure; they make for good listeners and because they also keep to themselves, they appear mysterious. So, my advice to you is believe in yourself and hope for the best.

  • Shubhi Jain
    Shubhi Jain   May 29, 2017 03:08 PM

    What you said can be true in some cases. In teenage years or even in college life some girls like the ‘famous’ guys who are usually bad boys. Now the thing is, no matter how much we deny the need for social acceptance, we all want it and in those years, dating such guys can be considered ‘cool’. Most of the girls actually enjoy the rule breakers and funny guys (even if they are ‘funny’ by being a bully and making fun of others) simply because they are fun to spend time with and you can easily talk to them. Now masculinity is associated with qualities like headstrong, courageous, funny, one who can hold the attention, etc. and these bad-boys can be associated with those. And even if these boys have left a string of heartbroken girls, they can still get girls because most of the times every girl thinks she is special and can change these ‘playboy’ tendencies of that guy. So that is why in that age-group girls often make bad choices. But not all the girls are like that- you need to understand that it is not always about bad boys. If you are a guy who knows how to talk and say the right things, you can get a girl.

    While a woman never makes this choice. She has to think of her future, her family’s acceptance of the guy, their future together and so forth. Therefore, she will never make those choices as she would have when she was 16 or so. Eventually, we all choose a life-partner with whom we can talk to freely and are simply more compatible with. But then again, the heart can be a funny thing and can fall for anyone.

    So, peace out. Just like you would prefer a girl filled with confidence and someone with whom you can talk to, same is the case on the other side. If you are too shy, girls won’t notice you. That is the basic reason why shy guys complain about girls chasing bad guys. So, build self-confidence and go ahead.


  • ayushi Singh
    ayushi Singh   May 29, 2017 12:04 PM

    Like most generalizations, it's not true. Usually when guys say, "girls don't like nice guys" what they really mean is "girls don't like me and are often dating jerks". This is true to say that girls like confidant and direct boys which are sometimes assumed to be rowdy. Actually, scratch that, because being either a bad boy or a gentleman, or even both at once would be incredibly limiting. Mature girls prefer a well-rounded person who can adapt to circumstances and act accordingly. If you are someone who can be a bad boy when needed or a gentleman when necessary- you will surely be successfull with women. It's not all about being rowdy or being a gentleman many a times there's a need to make your woman feel safe according to the situation then for that you can be either of them. Not always bad boys/rowdy boys get the women if a person makes her comfortable he can suit for her match too if he's a gentleman too.

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