Is new generation so different or only I am outdated?

29 May
somesh shankar

Millennials using cuss words

I am a married man in early thirties. From my childhood my parents have molded me to never abuse anyone, never pronounce vulgar words, not even ‘saala’, ‘ch**ya’ etc. When I interact with new generation or even watch videos in YouTube, I notice that young girls even from decent respectable families are using F words and other cuss words very comfortably. They use these words where you can easily live without these words. I find it worrying. Am I very oldschool?


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  • Gourab Banerjee
    Gourab Banerjee   Jun 07, 2017 12:23 PM

    Hey Somesh,

    I hope you are doing well in your married life. But come on man! If you start comparing your lifestyle with the ones of this generation, won’t suit you well, right?
    Am sure you are tired of hearing something like this. That’s how it goes. Over the years, coming off age, from teens to adults, be it a boy or a girl, the first and foremost they have to be is cool. Hotness comes looks wise, but coolness comes when you are fluent with these words. One true scientific fact is that one who is heard to use more cuss words, generally have an IQ a bit higher than the others, and are usually smart. I don’t believe this. But its research-based so might have some truth behind it. But that’s not the point. You are worried about yourself being old school. Well, let me tell you something. You mentioned girls of decent and respectable families using cuss words and that’s a shock to you. Why? Using cuss words mean they don’t know how to respect others? Of course, its wrong when that girl sees someone on the road and calls someone using that ‘F’ word. But if she is with her friends in a group, all chilling out together, then I think the usage of that ‘F’ word is a bit less wrong than eavesdropping. Don’t you think? There are two sides of the same coins. You had a different upbringing, and that’s cool in your own way. But from their point of view, you aren’t cool. We are growing up in an era of English movies and series, where it is seen that the way a group of people can be comfortable together is by using those words. Even adults seem to use them in anger or while enjoying. Using those words has nothing to do with you being old school. What would you call someone who uses those cuss words in groups but respects their elders, tries to return home on time, respect rules and regulations, and likewise? Because, if you could come up with a word for such a person, I will gladly accept it myself.
    Don’t look down upon yourself or frown upon them. You have your own way of seeing things while they have their own. Until and unless they are harming your way, there is no need for you to think yourself as backdated because using cuss words can't label someone as backdating. Good luck!

  • soumya yadav
    soumya yadav   Jun 02, 2017 11:21 AM


    Firstly, I would like to say that you aren’t alone.  Many people don’t feel the need to cuss while interacting with their peers or strangers. If you are one of them, it only means you prefer to adhere to the social norms. It in no way implies that you are old-school (people used to curse even then).

    Now, to address your other issue, yes, most of us are told not to use such words because they are abusive and may hurt somebody. Also, they aren’t socially acceptable and thus may reflect badly upon your character. That being said, we need to understand that like any other type of words, cuss words are also a means of communication. Like most people, youngsters also meet and befriend all types of people and they use the kind of language they feel is appropriate in that particular setting. However, to take on a slightly different perspective, swearing need not be all bad. Studies have proven swearing to be useful in coping with pain. In fact, for most of us it is quite reflexive to curse while in pain! Apart from this, swearing is also linked to emotions. People cuss when they are angry, irritable, or in pain. It suggests a lightheartedness. Nobody uses swear words in a formal conversation, profanity is usually used in informal conversations with one’s friends and so, it does help people gel well. Which is also a reason why youngsters make use of profanity.

    Personally speaking, I feel that swearing is quite okay so long as it’s not offending the people you are talking to. To help you understand this social phenomena, here is a link to a really interesting video that talks about “bad words”:

  • Manaswini Venkateswaran
    Manaswini Venkateswaran   Jun 01, 2017 11:59 AM

    The new generation is different, and all you can do is get with the changing times. Just like you can't change your parents, you can't change the trends of the younger generation. I am sure there are lots of things you do now that your grandparents or even your parents would never have even dreamed of.

    Modernisation catches up with all of us eventually, it just has a different effect on each generation. It will continue, and all you can do is be mature about it and accept it. If you do not personally agree with swearing, don't swear. As long as no one is swearing at you, I don't think it should concern you much.

    Another thing to remember is that words are not good or bad by themselves. It is us who attach these connotations to them. Hence, swearing does not indicate how good or respectable a person is. There can be very good people who are in the habit of swearing and terrible people who probably appear to be the epitome of virtue. Swearing is definitely not an indicator of moral groundedness. 

    I know you feel troubled by these changes in the times, but just remember that you were raised differently. Things that were not acceptable in your time are now common, just like things that were unacceptable in your grandparents' time were acceptable when you were growing up. Change is inevitable, and whether you agree with it or not, it is going to happen. 

    I hope this helps you to adjust better to the changing world. All the best, 

  • Malika Bindal
    Malika Bindal   May 30, 2017 05:00 PM

    No sir you are not an old school person.It is just the trend and will become boring after a while.

    The thing I did not like in ur statement is that " many girls from respectable  and descent families  uses f word".You could have also mentioned the boys but it is ok. Sir just try to understand  that new generation  is cool with using f words and they get satisfaction in using these words in their language like some people always uses some" takia kalaam"in their  sentences.

    So it is neither  your mistake  nor theirs,just some time gap.


  • Pranshu Rastogi
    Pranshu Rastogi   May 30, 2017 03:21 PM

    If thousands of people doing the same thing that never means it’s right. I totally agree with you that in today’s generation saying cuss words become a vogue, even a kid speaking it with having any sense of guilt or realizing what it really means. According to a survey, a normal teenager says about 80-90 cuss words every day.
    You have said never say any cuss words, and “Is this make you an old school boy”, you also know the answer to this query, you know what really matters, choosing a wrong path with thousands of people or doing the right thing no matter even if you are alone in that.
    Never ever say any cuss words, this not only gives you inner peace but also it won’t make you cool stud.

    You cannot be a gentleman by saying all these. Actually, the truth is we all know what is right and what is wrong, but only a few of us stand on the right path and you are the one with the right path so never ever questions yourself about the authenticity of true.
    Absolute truth is a myth, but always do the thing which gives you inner peace because, in the end, we all wanted to be happy.

  • ayushi Singh
    ayushi Singh   May 30, 2017 09:44 AM

    First of all let me quote this if we use slang to show our modernism, it is it! Being different dosen't mean at all that you are out dated, it could be because of the lessons you have been taught in life by your surroundings and your parents. Yes, I agree girls use slang words like 'saala', 'ch*****',e.t.c., but that too doesn't mean that their upbringing is wrong ghr be because the situation demands so or the person she's talking to understands such kind of language only. New generation generally use these words to depict their "anger", or it could but their frustration towards something. Being a generous and soft spoken person dosent mean that you can't cope up with present generation. Like you do, if people feel uncomfortable with certain words- it doesn't have to be swear words; it might be bodily functions or the names for genitalia,or indeed, saying "kill" and "people" at arms fair. They may go to great lengths to avoid using them. It's not about using slang to walk hand-in-hand with new generation, if you are decent that too is in a way setting good example for generation to follow but not to change your modesty just to become updated. 

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