Why do men rape?

29 May
Shweta Singh

Stop Rape

I am trying to understand the psychology behind these:

1. Is it a true assumption that women never rape?

2. If an island has more women and few men, will women still not rape?

3. Now, what could be reason behind this?

a. Do women need less sex than men?

b. Is it due to fear of losing virginity, fear of getting pregnant and fear of lesser acceptance in the society? So, if these fears are removed women will also be equal rapists?

c. Is it because men are aggressive in nature?

PS: Neither I mean that all men are rapists, nor I am saying woman is better than man, I am just trying to go to root cause of this social evil.


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  • Khushi Khanna
    Khushi Khanna   Jun 06, 2017 12:21 PM

    Well, its not at all true that women don't tape. There have been cases where women raped men.But, the point is this men might not report about it in police because no one would believe them. You yourself think a man comes to you and says he was raped by her friend then won't think how could this be possible. It is a pre assumed fact that men are physically stronger then women then if any woman forces a man he could easily push him away. Yes, he could but what if the man was drugged? So, for the first part of your question where you asked can women rape men my answer is yes. You could even read about such cases on internet.

    The ratio of male to female has nothing to do with rape. If there had been more women or less men then that doesn't mean that women would be more safer or men would be at threat.

    See, rape is not related with gender or number it is related with people's mentality. If talked about marital rape or rape in relationships it happens because one person thinks it is his/her right to have sex with their partner so, they could force them. But, basically rape occurs due to mental illness. Yes, the rapist is not at all stable otherwise he/she would never forget humanity just for sexual pleasure. Last thing, its wrong thinking  that women need less sex. See, my point is that you can't apply anything on a particular gender when it comes about rape. Any person(male, femal,lesbian,gay) could be a rapist if he is mentally unstable. This is the only mental illness that could neither be controlled nor cured.

  • Prasha saggu
    Prasha saggu   Jun 02, 2017 11:50 PM

    We are all occupied with collosal stimuli everyday and only a few is assimilated by our minds and to furthermore lessen the burden,our brain uses cognitive shortcuts. One of them being stereotypes. 

    This is a stereotype that only men rape and women don't. Infact, it would be relevant to mention here of the recent case of 3 women raping a man for several days after adbucting him. Though the cases of women raping men might be low but not nil. There are certain reasons for this.

    1. Men who are perceived to be the "superior class" are usually mocked at for being oppressed by the "weaker" section. And in a country like India, a man's masculanity is associated with his sexuality and ability to dominate. However, when he is subjected to such kind of oppression, his so called masculanity is at stake. So usually such cases are not disclosed.  It may not be wrong to say that the victim of patriarchy are the men itself to such extent and it does not target the females, it targets the feminine. 

    2. Media, specifically, voilence and pornography has led to desensitization regarding the violence against women and the pain that is inflicted on them. It is a matter of concern that the society which witnesses the women being objectified on the screens can hardly learn to respect them. 

    3. It may also be attributed to a greater activation of amygdala- the part of the brain responsible for emotions. Men find it hard to contol impulse and may therefore indulge in such acts. 

    The answer to your second question concerning the ratio of men to women and the change in raping patterns can be understood from the fact that despite there being a varying degree of sex ratio in india but the prevalence of rapes is not that varying. 

  • Upasana Sridhar
    Upasana Sridhar   Jun 02, 2017 03:31 PM


    I find your question extremely intriguing and it looks like you have given quite some thought to it. Though it will be difficult to prove these, the following are some possible reasons why men rape women.

    Firstly, as you have mentioned in your question, it can be because men are by nature more aggressive than women. This is because of the increased presence of testosterone in men, which has been linked to more aggression. Also, teenage boys are more likely to be found guilty of rape, as the presence of testosterone is highest during adolescence. Probably this is why women don’t rape men as much.

    Secondly, for many decades, we had lived in a patriarchal society. Men were expected to be strong, aggressive, and assertive; women were expected to be submissive, and respectful. Naturally, this mentality has stuck in the minds of people. So men rape women, in an attempt to prove their ‘manliness’ or physical strength. Thus, women are less likely to rape men.

    According to me, these two are the primary reasons behind the huge gap between the number of men raping women and the number of women raping men. There are, of course, other reasons like fear of pregnancy in women, and extreme pressure for getting laid, on men.

    I hope this answers your question satisfactorily. All the best!

  • Anamika Das
    Anamika Das   May 30, 2017 10:35 PM

    Your question is extremely relevant, and I believe it is necessary to understand what is it exactly that drives the social evil of ‘rape’. I will refrain from giving specific answers, but will attempt to give you a broad reply to the core of your question i.e. the reasoning that goes behind this concept.

    Rape is not about the pleasure element attached to sex. Neither is it about different levels of biological needs among different sexes. Rape is a 'social evil' as the reason also stems from societal issues. One must understand certain aspects that make it an 'evil':

    • It is one/more than one person(s) forcing himself/herself/themselves on another person
    • Therefore, it obviously does not carry the concept of consent

    Therefore, rape is an activity that defines power relations and a morphed idea of legitimizing dominance over people. In fact, in disciplines such as colonial and postcolonial literature, cultural studies etc. the colonizing land in the past was considered the 'rapist' and the colonized was considered to be the 'land/body to be conquered'. Therefore, it is when power has to be proven, person (s) engage in this act. This is the basic notion as to why people engage in rape. 

    It is difficult to answer the hypothetical and situational aspects that you have posed. However, certain socio-cultural aspects attached to the concept of 'virginity' of women and purity, or the weight of bearing and raising an unwanted child if the woman gets pregnant may play a role in one gender taking precedence over the other, while understanding the concept of 'consent' better. But, there have been instances (although much lesser comparatively) of women who have engaged in the initiation of rape as well. 

    There is no scientific reasoning that can be posed behind men being more aggressive. There are instances where women can also be more sexually initiating or behaviourally aggressive. But most certainly, being born and raised in a patriarchal society, men are often groomed to be more aggressive, take charge and so on and so forth. Therefore, most of your questions carry a socio-cultural history that our society has observed. It is obviously a very morphed idea of power that leads towards such an activity. Continous consciousness raising by talking about it may at least begin to resolve this issue. 

    Thanks for such a relevent question and hope I could answer at least a part of it. smile

  • ayushi Singh
    ayushi Singh   May 30, 2017 10:12 AM

     "We", people of Indian society have created a norm for girls saying that, "a decent girl won't roam around at nine' o clock in night." We say a girl is far more responsible for rape than boys. The rape of women had been occurred throughout recorded history and across cultures. Now the question arises why most cases of women being raped is heard and not men being raped? There are several reasons but I would state only few-

    1) Because they can-

     In a study done in South Africa, when rapists where asked about motivations, men's indicated that rape most commonly steemed from sexual entitlement. Indian society accepts that women are there to service men, that men are justified hitting their wives, then pervasive gender violence comes as no great surprise.

    2) Because she deserves it-

    Rape is often seen as a punishment directed against other women.

    3) They were just having fun-

    Thousands of rapists often find it as an act of boredom(alone or in groups) seeking entertainment.

    4) Because they will get always with it-

    The rapist is to get away with his crime. Even if he is caught, India's court system is slow, in part because of shortage of good judges.

    5) Because they are men, real men-

    Rape is aided by numbers,by underlying aggression,anger and misogyny, "by cult of masculinity".

    It's not that no case of males being raped has ever come across but men's are afraid to commit that because their sexual orientation will be doubted and people will label them as gay. 

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