How do I overcome with depression and lead a healthy life?

23 Oct
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I am 23 year old and affected by severe long-term depression .I am on medication, also attend therapy sessions. But still I am not able to overcome with my depression. I am not able to concentrate on my studies most of the times. I am willing to do but cannot study because of my illness. I think now there is no hope in my life, and will never be able to lead a healthy life.
How do I overcome with depression and lead a healthy life?


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  • Shiva Raman Pandey
    Shiva Raman Pandey   Oct 23, 2015 12:12 PM

    It really is distressing for you to lose this ability despite seeking treatment. You can do a variety of things. Firstly, get a second opinion on your medications. We can also help you with that. If they are not being tapered off as you may need them to be, they can add to mental lethargy. Secondly, ask your therapist to do some cognitive rehabilitation work with you, exercises that build memory and attention. If he or she does not help, go to someone who does this. You could look up a neuropsychologist.
    Thirdly, on a personal level, set smaller steps for yourself than others would and focus on achieving those. For example, try to read one page and summarize it, for one day. Slowly increase the pages. Setting deadlines that don't work with your challenges can be a downer. Starting with just one page maybe slow, but it will definitely be a progress.