I am very anxious about my relationship with my girlfriend. Can medication help?

23 Oct
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My girlfriend is under some level of stress at the moment and it reflects on the way she treats me. That makes me insecure, cause I feel that she is not liking/loving me.

As a result, I get anxious and cant stop thinking about it. I keep looking at my cell phone expecting her to text me. It affects several aspects of my life, I feel bad and with a pressure at my chest.

That is something strange, cause I can see she is troubled and her stress is also affecting her relationship with her parents (so its not only me). Anyway, she pushes everyone out and that makes me feel bad.

Even though she says she loves me and I know (cause I know her) that she is actually stressed out, I still cant be in peace knowing she is not treating me the way Id like her to.

I really, really like her and it is kind of a addiction to receive her love. When she does not give me attention, I feel extremely bad. I am kind of dependent on her and Im extremely dreadful of losing her.

What should I do? I know it is related to low self steam and stuff. But is there anything I can do to tame my emotions!? It makes me sad and keeps me from functioning well.

Hope to hear some good and helpful words.

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  • Shiva Raman Pandey
    Shiva Raman Pandey   Oct 23, 2015 02:02 PM

    There is a lot of self-talk we have about relationships. "If he/she does not overtly show love to me, I am an unworthy/useless person". Such thoughts are extreme and not grounded in reality. Such thoughts need to be questioned and then replaced by "I know I like receiving her love but I can bear if it is less sometimes, and to let her be for what she is going through", such thoughts are healthier. For more details, you can Google CBT/ REBT for relationships. Meditation can help but changing the thoughts is central to feeling better. We can definitely help you with this.