Is this symptom of panic attack?

23 Oct
Name Confidential

I have been suffering from freaking out on the road. I am scared of driving vehicle on the road. I keep telling myself nothing is going to happen. It’s really annoying. I have been having these frequent anxiety or panic attacks every day, and they last for hours. What exactly am I suffering from?

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  • Shiva Raman Pandey
    Shiva Raman Pandey   Oct 23, 2015 02:25 PM

    Do you feel bodily sensations like breathing problems and breaking out in sweat? Other related symptoms? Then this could be a panic attack. Is there any situation that triggered this? For example, a bad incident on the bus?
    Both panic and anxiety put the body's mechanisms into an overdrive, and continuing without help can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Please get help immediately and we would be glad to help you.