Are people living in joint family less prone to mental illness?

26 Nov
Name Confidential

People who live in joint family, they are chatting with each other, sharing their problems, so they are not feeling alone.
so my question is - are they less prone to mental health disorders?

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  • Simrita Ajaykumar Basrur
    Simrita Ajaykumar Basrur   Nov 30, 2015 05:03 PM
    I agree with Dr K.V. Anand. It is true.. that in joint family half the problems get solved itself as people in the family share and deal certain problems with each other as per their experiences. Thank you
  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Nov 29, 2015 07:56 PM

    Dear, You are correct. People living in joint family, who has many people to talk with, interact with, surely are less prone to mental diseases and disorders. Over and above, whenever these people suffer from even mild stress or anxiety, others will be there for first aid caring and advising.