My family doesn't understand me

26 Nov
Name Confidential

Hello doctor,

  I am from USA. I am diagnosed for Schizophrenia. I am so sick of being laughed at in my home. I feel so ashamed when I am seeking out the source of a sound and they say it is in my head. I understand I have problems, but I would never laugh at their problems. I do not even know what advice to give my family to help me feel less insulted. I have to ask a lot whether they can hear a sound or I will ask what a lot because I think they r talking. I just feel like my family is laughing at me when I am confused. I dont want them to pretend they hear it but at least listen and reassure me that is not real. I feel so small when they laugh and say its in my head. I am at a loss for what I actually want from them. Sometimes I try to hide that I am hearing something just to avoid their "it is in your head" comments.

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  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Dec 08, 2015 02:22 PM

    Dear, I am really sorry to read your emotions. I never will be sympathetic towards you because you never need sympathy. So many people will be sympathatic. I want to get yourself motivated. You know schizophrenia. You know others. You know your family members. You know their attitude towards you. Now insteady of trying to change them or worrying about their behavior towards you, I suggest you to work independent. You can't change others, in that case, try changing you according to others. Great that you are able to manage yourself in spite of being schizophrenic. Proud of you. I suggest you should also be proud of yourself. There are many out there who listen to you. Who can understand you. Talk to them. Never talk or think about people who never wants to listen to you nor understand you, even though they are your family. Take care.