For me life is nothing.

04 Jan
Name Confidential

I am 22 year old, medical student. This is my final year of course, and I am feeling like , now there is nothing in my life. When I see others are struggling with their life,  and all are busy, no one bother for someone, I really become upset. I dont know what happened to me . For me life is nothing but a kind of  struggle . Sometime I feel like I have choosen wrong career, but now I dont have option to change, and that makes me more upset.  what should I do? 

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  • Simrita Ajaykumar Basrur
    Simrita Ajaykumar Basrur   Jan 05, 2016 01:30 PM

    Hello dear, remember one thing that life is full of both happiness and worries but this doesnot mean that it is end of life. You need to talk it out with someone what you exactly going through. Visit a counsellor in your area. You need to vent out all your feelings infront of that person,whatever is going in your mind speak it out to that person

    Thank you.