There is no ray of hope.

11 Jan
Name Confidential

Myself 20 year old, Having trouble in falling asleep. I always worry about my future. My family background is not very rich, and they can not afford my wish for higher studies. Currently I am doing B com, and I am an average grader, so always these things bother me. I feel my life will be full of hurdles, will always struggle for my living.These thoughts come when I am trying to sleep, and make me anxious. How to overcome these thoughts , where there is no ray of hope.

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  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Jan 11, 2016 07:11 PM

    Dear, I can understand. You said your family cannot afford your higher studies. You also says you are an average grader. Why don't you try hard and get good grades so that you can achieve your higher education dreams with the help of scholarship and merits? Your life will be full of hurdles, no doubt about that. Everyone's life will be such. It is with our attitude and hard work we all cross those hurdles. There is no short cut.


    These thoughts come up and disturb your sleep. Naturally, if you are not positive and if you do not have the right attitude, you will loose sleep. There is no ray of hope because you refuse to even open your eyes. With closed eyes, how you can see the ray of hope?


    I suggest you to consult a psychologist online or in person for attitude, motivation therapy. Changing your attitude and motivating you is the only way forward. Take care.