I think i am not sensitive person.

12 Jan
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Hello doctor
I am an introvert kind of person, and always think a lot before doing something. I feel I should do all the work according to society, But some of my habits really surprised me. I never cry at those occasions where others are crying, Like adieu of girl after marriage, funeral. I feel sad about my this behavior, and I feel guilt for this. Should I think I am not sensitive like others?

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  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Jan 14, 2016 04:29 PM

    Dear, Introverts are most blessed and intellectuals. They have high IQ. They think and therefore they are intelligent. Extroverts do not have time to think and therefore their IQ is low. There is no need to be emotional so that you ar said to be perfect. Emotions depends on circumstances. I think you are worrying unnecessarily. Please consult a psychologist for counseling. Take care.