20 Jan
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I am very disappointed with my life and family. I'm addicted to daydreaming. It's obsessive and addictive. These daydreams are vivid. Sometimes it's about being victimized and I found myself really crying for what happened while daydreaming. Sometimes I get feeling of euphoria. I mean emotions in my daydreams affect me physically and manifest themselves. I couldn't achieve what I wanted because of my family and my own fault as well. But I have this constant feeling of self sympathy and I blame them usually. I can't resist urge to daydream. If something doesn't happens my way I go back to my daydream immediately and imagine making it happen my way. It's kinda automatic. My behavior has become weird, I talk too much,misbehave and regret later. Some times I have depressed episode when I feel helpless and everything is gloomy. My problem is that I am aware that I am not doing right thing, I will have to work but I can't stay motivated even for 30 minutes.I can recognise my mental problems but I keep doing same thing. I keep on cribbing about past. I am everything in my daydreams which I am not in real life. At very core I feel neglected, not loved, unwanted, unlucky. I have faced some sort of partiality and discrimination but everyone faces them in one way or another. Why this affects me so much? I overlook positive things people do to me but cling to negative parts forever. All this is affecting my mental health seriously. I can't concentrate, I keep on forgetting things and I feel my quantitative aptitude and IQ too is degrading. I find completing my lessons is much difficult than earlier. Since I am good at pretending, no one else has noticed these changes except for behavior part. What should I do? I can't talk about it to my family. I can't seek professional help. What should be my approach to improve? Mental exercises, yoga, meditation, self help books...anything without being noticed? Most importantly what should I do get rid of my Maladaptive daydreaming?

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  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Jan 24, 2016 01:19 PM

    Dear, there is nothing wrong with your day dreaming. day dreamers are actually achievers. You need to change your attitude to positive. Consult a psychologist. Take care.

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