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04 Feb
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My name is masruk.i live in bangladesh.i am a university student.i am not so bad student i mean i am a student of avarage grade.my problem is i have a female friend who is also doing her study in the same course.she is a very good friend of mine.we are friends for nearly 2 years.she had a boyfriend.i was aware about this since i have first met.but in recent i think i am in love with this girl.i am becoming jealous when she hang around with her boyfriend. i know that i am ethically wrong but it kills me in every day.sometimes i think that i should try my luck but my ethics stop me..i am in a big trouble.if i tell her that i am in love with her than she will get angry and my friendship will be broken.on the other hand if i do not tell her than she will get married in next 6 or 8 months or 1 year.i know that what am i doing is completely wrong.but i cant control myself.i just wanna be with her.i love to spend time with her.she is my best friend also.what should i do? please help me..


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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Feb 07, 2016 12:48 PM

    Dear, from your speech it seems that you pass romantic story from one side (your side only), as you know love doesn't came by force or by begging. Moreover, as you said she will get angry with you and your friendship will be broken, this means you will lose not gain. I think it is so crucial to try your luck with another girl, however you feel romantic toward this girl.  try to think logically in this case don't be selfish as long as they are going to get married soon, which means that they are prepared and arranged their steps towered their mutual coming future. Take care and good luck

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