Intelligence and Dysthymia

07 Feb
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I'm a 3rd year Computer Engineering student who has been struggling with dysthymia (diagnosed when I was in my class 12) since I was in class 8th or 9th or maybe even before. I had been quite intelligent in my class 9 (in maths and logical puzzles) but when I opted my Non-Medical stream, I constantly was in the low ranks. And thus I'm in not so popular engineering college.

And since my placements are now near, I'm enrolled in Aptitude class where my peers answer too quickly than me. I feel I've lost my intelligence. I'm not the same intelligent guy anymore. I searched the internet and found that Neuroplasticity can counter effects of depression, and thus one can be intelligent again. 

Is it true?

Please answer positively because I would again be depressed if really there is no way, my intelligence can come back. And yes I'm on Prodep.

Yesterday in Cambridge Brain Sciences test, I was in the low 2% of the population, while another test based on Mensa showed my Iq to be 103. Which one to believe? 

Is it just my years long depression that I'm hyping up the situation or am I really intelligent as I was before?

I really need your assurance, so don't tell anything negative.


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  • Dr. KV Anand
    Dr. KV Anand   Feb 07, 2016 07:12 PM


    I went through the details.

    I cannot tell you a lie just because you will be depressed. I can always give you positive replies to keep you happy. But I am not opting for that because I have professional ethics to follow.

    Your case is simply negative thoughts. Everyone has their own skill sets and ability. You do have your ability somewhere else other than engineering. You have to understand that. But hard work always can improve your knowledge aqnd performance as an engineer.

    I would like to know who diagnosed dysthymia in you? I am sorry about that,. Dysthymia is diagnosed before the age of 10 as a developmental disorder. After 10 nothing called dysthymia can be diagnosed.

    You are simply putting yourself into trouble by not believing in your positive points and aspects and just worrying about your negative aspects. Intelligence grow when you grow. Read as much as possible and gain as much knowledge as possible. No need to go for any aptitude class. Just concentrate on your subject and I am sure you will be a success.

    Take care.

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