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08 Feb
Name Confidential

Hi, am in love for a past 2.5yrs here am writing for the solution which I need for my problem, when I start to love her she had boyfriends but that I thought those things are usual nowadays unfortunately one day I saw her inbox that a guy has texted her so vulgur and I asked her regarding that she said there is no mistake on her side that guy crossed his limits and same way another guy texted her but she is saying that there is no mistake in her I just believed them as friend they crossed their limits here started my problems after that I started to see her wrongly I am thinking her wrongly in every situations but nowadays she stopped all the contacts but even though am thinking that she may be hiding things and doing something wrong i couldn't leave her am loving her sincerely she is not the girl who need money from my side too. I hope she is genuine but problem is with me why am keep on thinking her in this wrong way why I couldn't forget the things and start to love her kindly give me solutions to overcome this am deeply depressed because of this anyone pls help me

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Feb 09, 2016 12:15 PM

    Dear, yes it seems that you love this girl so much, but it seems also that you Jealous on her so much which is not healthy attitude  if you continue like this in the future. as long as she told you that she is not wrong, why not to trust her. you should work on your negative though toward her unless you have clear proof against her, try to occupy yourself with positive thoughts and ideas to achieve with her in the future, even though, this event might happen again and again from other guys in the future, because some people a crossing  their limits with others. take care and good luck 

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