How to guide and motivate a student who does not take studies seriously?

19 Feb
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My son is in 11th standard, next year he will have his board exams. Now he should be more serious about study, but most of the time he does not give proper attention to studies. I keep telling him to study, for his own future, but always he ignores my suggestion. His friends also are on the same boat. I live In an area where there is not a proper atmosphere of study, also I can’t tell him to unfriend with those friends, else he will be sad. I know someday he will realize the power of education. May be your suggestion will help him to be serious about studies(He does not listen to me and ignores my advice). I want you to help me, and to guide my child to frame his future.


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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Feb 20, 2016 08:42 PM

    Dear, nowadays, your son is passing a very critical and sensitive developmental stage which is required parent attention and guidance. This developmental stage the child starts to behave as a mature and independent person and influenced so much by his peer and friends ideas or behaviors. It is very helpful to guide him to choose his peers who are very serious and productive in their lives. Try to encourage and reinforce him by verbal and nonverbal motivations, try to stay near him, listen to him carefully, understand his worries and hopes, Avoid to humiliate him or underestimate his capabilities, don’t force him to do anything against his well but by using open dialog and convince.

    Anyway, this situation will pass peacefully, because it is not something bizarre or abnormal in children at the same age as your son. However, you have to stay as an encouragement resource for him. Take care.

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