He behaves neutral for me

23 Feb
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I am 27 years old from India. I have been married for over 4 years. During this 4 year I experienced, like he behaves neutral for me. I tried my best to solve this issue. I am working and I requested him to help me in household work so that we will get time for each other, and also this way we will be together for some time. But he never listens and cares. He never tried to solve this from his side. I gifted him on his birthday, valentine day, but my hubby never realizes that why I am doing this all. Whenever I plan something to go out, he usually accepts it neutrally. I don’t know how to solve this problem.

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Feb 23, 2016 11:57 PM

    Dear, I completely agree with you, couple should help and share each other the burden of daily life. Some husband is considering the household work is one of the main responsibilities of the women which is not correct perspective. To overcome this problem, I suggest to ask him to engage directly with you in the household works when you need his assistance. Try to choose the proper time to ask him to help you, try to ask for help when he is not busy with some important tasks, give him some tasks that he can easily involve in and not need so much effort or time consuming. Try to be patient with him if he is upset or tired, try to share him with some activities that find funny or attractive to him, don’t blame him for his behavior, don’t express your anger or frustration in an exaggerated manner in front of him, but let him understand by the time that he should share you the daily life burden. Use with him some encouraging verbal reinforcements not humiliating terms.      Take care

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