My relatives humiliate me for not got selected.

27 Feb
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I am from India. My best friend, I trust him most, and we studied together from kindergarden to 12th standard. I was good in studies compared to my friend. Now the situation is totally changed. He got selected in IIT through reservation quota. I was not. I am pursuing BSc and belongs to Kanpur rural area, people here speak anything behind you if you are failing, and not as good as your friend. My relatives humiliate me for this, and comment like there is no use of hard work. What should I do to tackle such people? Should I try to humiliate them too. Now a days I am feeling alone, and unable to share my problem with anyone, because my friend with whom I was sharing everything is now root of my problem.


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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Feb 28, 2016 02:45 PM

    Dear, I can understand your disappointment and bitterness you are passing nowadays. I do believe that you have many strong points you can utilize in your life to draw the attention of your surrounding relatives and friends, sometimes the person met with some people that they upset you by their speech or behavior, I suggest you can ignore their bad attitude toward you and not to humiliate them. You should  keep your respect and Politeness attitude toward them and react to them with assertive way, aiming to  keep your rights of dignity. If you feel upset from your friend you can talk with him Frankly and openly about your feeling otherwise, you should work on finding a new friend who you can accept his attitudes and behaviors. Take Care. 

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