I am having too much anger, restlessness and anxiety

10 Mar
Name Confidential

Things are going bad. I feel anger. Especially during periods I feel too much of anger. I just want someone to help me. I need help really. This is not the life I wanted. I hate everything. I just want a lot of ppl to die but myself I want to live.

I had a bf since 2011 who was over possesive. I used to hv so many fights with him. dirty and ugly. i opted for arranged marraige but i always expect the guy i meet to fall in love with me. I met one guy n his family demanded for cash money. i asked him n he said its my family not me. i cant help it. u r too principled. i feel anger. alot of it. is it wrong to feel dis way.

i am impractical ppl say. i hv no patience.

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Mar 11, 2016 01:33 PM

    Dear, it is clear from your speech that you see you the world through black glasses, everything is black or dark. I understand that you want everything must goes according to your vision and desire. This is impossible in the life. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to remove these glasses and to see the world around you with its normal color. Try to change your thoughts and believes about yourself and your surrounding environment. Try to do some changes in your daily routine e.g. have a trip, read books, use sport, have funny time with your close friends. Try to focus and to fulfill certain significant and achievable goals that make sense to your life. Try to find new friends who can add value to your life. Try to be optimistic as much as you can. Talk with yourself in positive way and not underestimate your positive characteristics and your strong points and encouraging resources. Wishing you colored life. Take care