She feels sad if her answers are not up to the expectation.

19 Mar
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Hello doctor,

My daughter is in 12 th standard, and her exams are going on. After the exam, she and her friends start checking question paper and matching, answers. She will be happy if her answers are good. However, feels sad if her answers are not up to the expectation. After coming back home, she feels very upset if she has made mistakes, and full day regrets for this. It affects her further reading. I usually suggest her not to check the paper after exams, but she does. Please suggest what to do.


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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Mar 20, 2016 12:10 AM

    Dear, this is normal practice and behavior from the student’s side to revise and check the exams answers. In certain situations, this practice lead to positive results when the student feels that he doesn’t do well in the exam and he\she should increase his efforts in the next exams to get more marks. However, it is not the case with other students when they affected negatively if he find out that they didn’t do well in the past exams. Therefore, I suggest for this type of students not to check the exams answers. But to prepare themselves for the coming exams. Try to avoid standing with students insisted to check the exams. Try to support your daughter as much as you can, don’t humiliate her or threaten her if she doesn’t get high marks. Encourage her to forget the past exam and tell her that we shall accept the results of the exam as it is and to learn from our mistakes in the future.  Take Care