29 Mar
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Since Dec 2014 I was put through 3 breakdowns and the 3rd I an hr later woke up to my home burning down. I lived with the abusive husband refusing to work and more mental and physical abuse living in my toyota truck. I chose the streets alone 5x over the abuse I finally recently ended this uncanny role of horriffic events with no family or help from others now in a DV shelter. Amazingly the whole time of this nightmare almost not an hr went by that I wasnt trying to achieve success and networking to top names via a 45$ track phone. In summary, I've been offered a studenship with Google and have incredible contacts and some great job offers unfortunely the jobs my ex destoyed for me. I was not asked to do the 13 interviews the 1% who do pass get accepted after if at all. I'm very smart and my next goal is Dept. X! 

I pose the questions now, how has this all happened? I have the fear of never having a home again uneccessarily how can I relax and not worry? Is a mentor a good for me possibilty besides counseling? Where did I find the brain power, and finally, my entire life of trauma is so severe it has been diagnosed as that of a vietnam vet on SSI. I'm going to call google tomorrow any others words of wisdom please?


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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Mar 29, 2016 11:53 AM

    Dear Jacqueline, it seems that you actually passed through scared circumstances as you mentioned in your speech. Anyway, as you said all of these bad situations has ended. Therefore, I propose from now on you should open a new page and new career in your coming years. Firstly, wash up your brain from any painful memories from the past, start thinking in a productive way, put some applicable and achievable goals, according to your life priorities e.g. commit seriously to your new job as a source of income to get money which will help you to be independent. Try to look for private housing to feel free and have privacy. Try to get new trustworthy friends to expend time with them and to share your experiences with them. Trust your capabilities and strong points to encourage yourself and overcome any potential problems or obstacles in the future. Engage yourself with social activities, sport, upgrading your capacity. Remember, in case you try the above mention suggestion and you don't reach the needed results, don't feel frustrated or upset. It is not the end of the world try to consult an online psychologist for further help and suggestions. Take Care