Panic attack

30 Mar
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I am 27 years old, and diagnosed with anxiety. I feel it very difficult to control my emotion when the situation is stressful, and due to this I usually get a panic attack. Please tell me how I can avoid that stressful situation ?

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Mar 31, 2016 12:43 PM

    Dear, I can understand well that the life of a person suffering from Panic attack if not an easy life, particularly if this situation happened repeatedly. As you may know that panic Attacks can be treated and cured the sooner you seek help. Although the exact causes of panic attacks are unclear, some of the reasons that might trigger the Panic Attack are, family tendency to have panic attacks existed in certain families more than other families, also appears to be a connection with major life transitions such as getting married, having a baby, divorce, graduating from college, exposure to a social event, severe stress, such as the death of a loved one, or job loss. All of these situations and others can trigger a panic attack. Therefore, you have to use a combination of different methods of interventions to overcome and to cope with this situation for example. Firstly, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), is generally considered as the most effective form of treatment for panic attacks. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the thinking patterns and behaviors that are sustaining the panic attacks. It helps you to see your fears in a more realistic way. Secondly, Exposure therapy for treatment of panic attacks, in this type of treatment you are exposed to the physical sensations of panic in a safe and controlled environment, giving you the opportunity to learn healthier ways of coping. Thirdly, Medication treatment for panic attacks which must be taken under the observation of a psychiatrist. Lastly, you can use some tips to help yourself, such as, Learn about panic attacks, simply knowing more about panic can go a long way towards relieving your distress. Practice relaxation techniques, use a positive self talking such as I am strong enough to overcome this situation safely, trust your abilities, practice some sport and exercises . Anyway, I recommend you to consult an online therapist for further help and instructions. Take Care.