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01 Apr
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hi ! my daughter has promoted to 10th , she is not showing interest towards maths since lower classes, as i am much interested in maths, may be i might have forced her to do . Now she is not at all willing to do maths with me, i am sending her to tutuion since 9th std. now she is not up to the mark. she do hard work in all the subjects except maths. is there any way to motivate her. as she is not knowing the importance of maths in the cbse board exam. pls give reply as early as possible. should i do something in this summer??

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  • Dr. Ibrahim Abunada
    Dr. Ibrahim Abunada   Apr 02, 2016 07:16 AM

    Dear, as you know that every person is unique and has his ambitions, hobbies and interests. In the light of that don’t expect that your daughter should be exactly like you, in math’s. She of course will shows interest in other subjects. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to start working with her by convincing her about the importance of math’s in her life as general not for school or studying purposes only. Try to reinforce her by verbal and nonverbal rewards to attract her to math’s. But not to force her to do that. Try to share one of her best friends and who is interested in math’s to do work together on math’s. Continue to continue sending her to tuition if you can’t easily do that yourself.. Try to find out her personal interest and devote some time and effort to give her the opportunity to practice her personal interests to encourage her to do more math’s. Lastly, don’t put her under stress because of any subject to avoid her resistance and frustration. Try to be patient with her i.e. don’t punish or humiliate her if he doesn’t committed to express interest in math’s in the future, you should continue supporting her and reinforcing her more and more tell you feel positive changes. Take Care